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    PASE Tags & Photoshop Browser Keywords

      I would like to know if anybody knows if there is the possibility of compatability between the keywords in Photoshop Browser (CS) and the tags in Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 (currently unlocked)?

      I have created a graphics library in PS and have attached keywords to my files for future searching. The library is located on a PC drive that is accessible across the network.

      I would like a colleague to be able to help me build the libray, and was wondering if PASE could be used to tag files, that would cross over to PS?

      Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

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          I don't think so, but let me do some testing tonight. I have Photoshop CS2,
          but that shouldn't matter.

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            Hi Lucy,

            Well, I am VERY surprised and disappointed by the result I just got. PSE
            doesn't even READ Photoshop file formats... PSE 4.0 definitely reads psd
            format, thus I can guarantee that 5.0 would as well. However, I noticed that
            4.0 does NOT read the keyword field from the psd format. Not sure if this is
            the same in 5.0. You might consider two things... first, it is overkill to
            pay full price for PSE 5.0 if you own CS. See if Adobe will cut you a deal
            for PSE 5.0... BUT before you do that... ask Adobe Sales if 5.0 can read the
            keyword field. I don't have it yet, so I can't tell you.

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              Eric Stoffers
              Adobe screwed up with Album. All people want is a simple, fast and powerful photo organization tool and they completely missed the boat. Now they want professionals to upgrade to Elements? Why would I do that when I use Photoshop? Yet, I don't want my photo organization tool built into photoshop...talk about overkill.

              Why can't Adobe just create a simple photo organization tool without all the stupid bells and whistles? Do one function really, really well and I'll buy it. It's this bloated crapware that turns me off.