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    Album Starter Edition 3.0 Won't Initialize

      I had Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0.1 installed to service my Epson scanner and learn how to work with digital images. I built a file in the album that contained a few unimportant photos it imported from another computer on my LAN. (I really don't know how Photoshop works yet with regard to where the files go or are copied.)

      I apparently attempted to delete one of the photos. I remember answering yes to having it removed from the hard drive completely. I think I interrupted that process because the cursor kept spinning for quite some time and I had to use Cntl-Alt-Dlt. Subsequently, each time I attempted to bring up the program, I would get the initialization window, the cursor hourglass would turn, but the program wouldnt expand. A quick check of its status through Cntl-Alt-Dlt showed it was not responding.

      Ive uninstalled it through Add/Remove Programs on my Windows XP Pro machine several times with the same results. Even tried reinstalling in Safe Mode with Networking (and without) but the op system wont allow it. The window tells me it cant use the Window Installer it needs and suggests Im in Safe Mode which, of course, I was at the time. This was one of the helpful hints on the Adobe website for FAQ. Unfortunately, it didnt solve the problem.

      All other programs seem to operate without incident and the system seems to have suffered no ill effect but I am concerned. I ran Microsoftss Onecare (http://safety.live.com/site/en-us/default.htm), found no virus, cleaned the registry, and cleared the Temp files as recommended by the programs report. I have not reinstalled Album yet; Id like to get a better understanding of what the problem could be. I noticed there are several other postings from people who have had similar problems problems but they either were more complicated or went unanswered.