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    Version 3.0 ruined my USB ports

      Ok, so not completely, but my computer cannot recognize my printer or my digital camera anymore even though it still recognizes my webcam.

      Here is what happened. I installed photoshop 3.0 and the little crap took over my machine, it became the default image viewer and it started up when I plugged my camera in. Problem is, I had a moment of stupidity and when the little control freak offered to remove the camera for me rather than me doing it manually with the "safely remove hardware" thing, I allowed it to. Ever since then, my computer does not recognize my digital camera when I plug it into a USB port and now it is not recognizing my printer in the same way. All that shows up is the safely remove hardware thing. According to that, there is a USB Mass Storage Device in location 0.

      Now, as for troubleshooting, I have removed every Adobe product from my computer and also un-installed Spybot, which works as a firewall and saves changes that installed software make on my machine. (Naturally I re-started after these changes.) I have tried un-installing and re-installing the plug and play drivers from the device manager and even using the "safely remove hardware" option all to no avail.

      This is most definitely not a hardware problem as my webcam works fine in any of my USB ports. Does anyone know what could be causing this and what else I can do?