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    Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0

      Hello, I've just joined the Forums. I have Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0.: I am using Windows XP Prof. with SP2 installed. I have a mobile phone Sony Ericsson P900. I am unable to have my phone "Recognised" by the Photoshop programme. I can get photos from my Digital Camera, but cannot get them from the phone. The only options from the drop down window, in Photoshop are:- Creative Web Cam / hp psc 1310 series TWAIN / <Refresh List> / Select a Device.<br />Any advice will be gratefully received!<br />Thanks,Colin
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          Colin, I`ve also just joined the forum, but if its any help I always use Microsoft Scanner & Camera Wizard to import photos from any source straight to my "My Pictures" folder. In the case of PhotoAlbum 3 I then simply use the "Get Photos From Files & Folders in the FILES dropdown menu to import into PA3. Never have any problems doing things this way. Used the same method for Nikon and Fuji image editing software.
          Hope this helps
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            Hello Dennis,
            Many thanks for your helpful reply.
            The method you describe is almost the same as the one I am using.. I download into the Sony Ericsson synched file which shows 4 items including images, I then "copy" the image folder, not being able to open it there, to my docs: then I use the "get photos" from PA3. I was trying to find a way to get the PA3 programme to accept photos from the phone in the same way it gets them directly from the camera, but there doesn't seem to be a way. When I contacted them - Adobe - by phone, they stated that "there is no support for that programme!!" I don't actually have a problem doing it this way, I really only wanted all my photos to go directly to the PA3! It seems that there is no chance!
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              I`ve just been looking at an advert for the Sony Ericsson P900. That`s quite a phone, and I can understand why you would like to transfer pics straight from it to PA3 without going round the houses.

              If you still havn`t managed to crack this, there may be another novel way of getting pics straight from your phone. Well kinda straight from your phone.

              I`ve got an old Motorola camera phone without any kind of lead to connect it to a PC, and while out searching the shops for a solution, I discovered that you can get from the likes of PC World, a small blue tooth "dongle", costing about £15, that plugs into a USB socket, and transfers the pics on your phone to your PC via bluetooth. I`m fairly confident a phone like yours will have Bluetooth.

              I didn`t actually bother, as the camera in my old phone isn`t very good.

              The only thing to find out of course, is will PA3 recognize the hardware plugged into the USB. Its possible, because these gadgets are made for transfering pics.

              Chances are you already know about this technology, but if you don`t, it may be worth investigating. Besides, it`s great fun trying to crack a problem, and if you are anything like me, you`ll hate to admit defeat.

              Finally, Windows should recognize the hardware, and you can find it by going to file/get photos/by searching.. Then in the "look in:" dropdown menu, select "browse" then "My Computer". Maybe you`ve already tried searching this way to find your camera phone. Anyway, good luck.

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                Of course! Don't know why I never thought of bluetooth. I use it when driving as a hands-free option. I will check it out. Many thanks
                I'll let you know!
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                  I just downloaded Photoshop Startedr Edition 3.0. When it asked where I wanted to get picures from, I said from My Pictures folder. However, I think can get to more of my pictures from searching my computer as I have stored them in different folders. During the installation process there were 3 other options, including searching my computer. Does anyone know how to get back to that spot so I can change my choice and get more pictures from different places in my computer than only "MyPictures"?
                  MP Hopkins Nov 6, 2006
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                    You can search for pics anywhere by simply going to File/get photos/from files and folders. Then you have the option of searching My Computer or My Documents.

                    Hope this helps

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                      hey Colin:

                      To add to your basic question, Photoshop Album Starter Edition supports direct import from Nokia Mobile Phones supported by Nokia PC Suite version 6.5 or higher.

                      However, if your phones has capability of connecting to USB as removable driver then Photoshop Album Starter Edition should be able to detect your phone and diretly import photos.

                      hope that helps.
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                        Sachin Jain,
                        Thanks, I've tried. It seems to like my Nikon camera, but for some reason, won't recognise my phone.
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                          Hello Dennis,
                          I tried the bluetooth connection, but can only get into the S.E. programme and not to PA3! Thanks anyway - back to copy and paste then get photos from PA3!!
                          It's been a good excercise, thanks to everyone for their input and advice.
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                            I have downloaded Adobe Photoshop Album 3.0 and the trial period is over I have been trying to register the product but it won't let me How come anyone know my pictures are in there and I can't acsess them now and cdon't want to lose them.
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                              Hi Ivalbro,<br />I don't know the answer to your question. You should have registered after you downloaded the programme. <br />If the programme is no longer on your pc, then it is possible you might have lost all content. You might get help from Adobe, but you may find that there is no support for this free programme.<br />I can only suggest that you go to <adobe.com> then, at the top right of the Home page is a 'Contact' choice. Click that and follow the directions.<br />Colin.
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                                I too am new to PhotoShop Album SE. Is it possible to make a CD-R of Pictures with several sub-directories such that it and uses its own "my catalog.psa"? Is there a procedure to rename or use a catalog otherthan "...\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album\Catalogs\my catalog.psa"?

                                If not available in PhotoShop Album SE, is there another package, Elements, etc, that will do it?

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                                  You can burn photos to a CD / DVD by clicking "File" and clicking on the choice of Burn . With regard to your question of changing the name, I don't quite understand. You can add a caption to a photograph. You can choose a name for a "catalogue" of your chosen photos as a group`when you start a catalogue. I hope that is what you are looking for.
                                  I too, am just a beginner with this programme, if this doesn't answer your question, I hope someone else can assist!
                                  You can upgrade to a paid version which might give you the options that you want.
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                                    Colin, Thanks for your response. I'm looking for a method to use the Photoshop Album SE software's (or similar software) Tag People feature for a picture CD. The CD would include the Catalog required by the Tag feature.

                                    Basically, I would like to build the CD image on my harddrive, pre-tag them, then move the pictures and the catalog to a CD for sharing.

                                    Thereafter, a friend with the Photoshop Album SE software, Elements, etc could change their default catalog to the one on the CD and view the CD contents using the Tag feature (using the CD catalog).

                                    Thanks again for your response.
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                                      I don't think PA3 will handle movie stuff. It sems that it can only cope with photos. If you have Nero, maybe you could try the movie section in that.
                                      All the best
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                                        You can put images on a CD, but not the My Catalog file. Why would you want to do that?
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                                          Colin Wallis, As for the saving of the video from YouTube or Google. When you find a video which you want for yourself, copy the URL into this site, http://videodl.org/. Press the "get it" button and it then should display a "download link" text. Click that and it should download a document to your computer. (On the Mac you would then convert this file using iSquint, a free download from versiontracker.com. ) On the P.C. you can use Replay Converter or Free iPod Video Converter also found at versiontracker.com. I've had success sticking to MPEG-4 in Quicktime.
                                          Good Luck.
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                                            Hi..Just joined forum..I have starter edition 3 and want to know how to email my slide shows with music either from Ipod or CD using Windows XP.
                                            Thanks! Rich
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                                              This is really a new topic.

                                              You can create a slideshow as a PDF, save it and then email it in the usual way.

                                              BTW, if by "iPod", you mean "iTunes", you cannot straightforwardly use those tracks for a slideshow, as they are protected.
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                                                new to board and the "photo" thing to my computer, had to re-size a photo to upload to a website discussion forum, when it got done re-sizeing it sent it to adobe photoshop starter ediition 3 at the correct size i need, now how do i get that pic out of adobe and back to my pictures file in order to upload?????? HELP PLEASE
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                                                  > how do i get that pic out of adobe and back to my pictures file

                                                  The image is not "in" PSA SE, it is just cataloged by the program. Open the Properties pane for the image and you can see the pathname for the image file. Or you can just drag the image to a folder [like your desktop] where you want a copy.
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                                                    I've been using P S 3 for some months with no real probs: I last used it about 3 weeks ago. Now I can not open it. I have a pop up notice saying - Microsoft (ODBC microsoft Access Driver) Invalid connection string attribute.
                                                    I am then invited to - Compact and recover this catalog, then open again? - I click Yes. and then go through the same procedure, except that I'm now trying to open catalog 2 !

                                                    Any one have any ideas? To my knowledge, I haven't done anything to the programme exept import photos!