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    HELP!!!  My photos have been hijacked!!!!

      I'm not even sure how I ended up with this "free" software. All I know is I ended up downloading my photos into Photoshop Album Starter 3.0 by mistake and now I can't get them out. I answered "yes" to the prompt that asked if I wanted to delete the images once they were downloaded, so now they're not on my camera anymore. All I want to do is save my pictures to my hardrive, but that isn't an option with this stinkin' software. I'm so mad I could scream. I feel like my pictures have been stolen. I tried emailing an image to myself, but all I got was a message telling me to download the software. ARRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!! I do not want to order prints, photobooks or ANYTHING else from Adobe. I just want my pictures back. Can anyone out there help me? Thanks for listening to me rant.

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          First off, your pictures are safely on your hard drive - they aren't "in" this software, it just catalogs what's there.

          I can understand your frustration, if you don't want this software. However, it is actually worth considering, as you will need something to organize your images.

          Anyway, to get them where you want is fairly easy. Just open or create a folder into which you want them located. Open PSA SE, sleect all the thumbnails [CTRL/A will select the lot] and drag them into your folder.