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    unrecognized pictures solution-it works

      For all those unrecognized pictures you can do nothing with thanks to Adobe Photoshops sleezy way of screwing us and forcing us to upgrade. May you all switch to Kodak Easy Share or some other photo software after I give you the following and time consuming way to retrieve those lost pictures. Here it is:Go to photoshop and double click on the picture you want to salvage. When the computer starts to Browse, click cancel. Now push the PrtScn button on your keyboard(toward the upper left corner)but don't expect anything to happen. Now open your Paint program and click on Edit then Paste (your picture should be there) Now click on the Select box (the dashed rectangular box in the upper left side of Paint)and trace the outline of your picture Now click Edit then Cut Now click File then New (computer asks to save changes, click No) Now click Edit, then Paste, then File, then New (comp will ask again to save changes, click Yes) Now put that picture you thought was gone forever in a folder of your liking.
      Yes, you're all very welcome!