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    Rotating video on pc


      I have Edition 3 of Photoshop Album Starter and I am a newbie to this type of software and to digital cameras, so forgive me if I am about to ask a silly question!

      I have just downloaded a video clip from my digital camera (Fujifilm Finepix A210) to my pc but need to rotate it, as I turned the camera sideways when I took the clip. The rotate buttons are greyed out for video though.

      Why is it you can rotate photos so easily but not video clips?

      I've tried downloading the clip to other programs on the computer but can't rotate it in any of those programs either.

      Is it possible to rotate the video image anywhere please? Seems strange to me that you can do it to view photos that are on their side but can't do it to view video clips.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Barb__O Level 4
          Did you look at the software that came with your Fuji Finepix A210?

          Sometimes the software that comes with the digital camera offers some options for manipulating the video files.
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            Hi Barb

            Thanks very much for your reply and your suggestion.

            I did have a look at the software that came with the camera and again, could only find rotation buttons for still pics and not for video files.

            I was going to come back here and post soon anyway, to say that my boyfriend solved the problem for me and my video clip (of him actually!) is now the right way up! He downloaded some software and then followed the instructions from another forum on how to rotate video files. Apparently a lot of replies on the forum said it was impossible. Then one person said it was possible and some others agreed.

            I don't know how he did it yet, because I sent him the clip to work on, on his computer. I'll have to get him to show me one day, so I can post the instructions here, in case anyone else ever needs to know!