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    Please Help!  Need thumbnails from Album SE imagewell cache to help recover from HD crash

      I have 8 years of photos organized in Album SE. The external drive that I keep the photos on crashed in the middle of a backup operation. I lost around 1/2 of my photos. I was able to recover thousands of JPEGS from the drive with recovery software but they are simply generically named 00001.jpg, 00002,jpg, etc. through 11321.jpg and are devoid of any metadata. I have found image comparison software that can recognize duplicate images between hard drive directories (even with resizing or resolution differences). My only hope to recover my album is to somehow retrieve the thumbnails from the cache, save them by their original filenames, and then use the duplicate image finder along with some scripting to match, identify, and then rename the recovered files. I can then relink them to the album and be fully restored.

      I have gotten as far as finding the tn.4.cache file, and can get to the metadata through MS Access; but of course I have no way of getting the thumbnails out of the cache without help.

      These photos are from my toddler's first few years and I also lost many recent pictures of my 3-week old son. If anybody from Adobe or any users could provide any assistance I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance,

      Bill Starrs