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      Mozilla Thunderbird: 20 percent of the email client market and growing..

      Why does Adobe not include connectivity in this product for emailing photos via Thunderbird?

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          No point in asking other users ...
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            BobGager Adobe Employee
            If Thunderbird is set as your default eMail client in Windows, it should be the application that SE connects to when sending eMail.
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              I am attempting to use Acrobat 9 Pro to use the COMMENT>ATTACH FOR EMAIL REVIEW. When I attempt to set the email addresses I want to send the attached PDF to, and try to continue, it says that Adobe cannot connect with my email client (Thunderbird).


              I am on Windows 7 and have set Thunderbird as my default email client. In fact, it has been so difficult to get Adobe to see the email client that we had to delete Outlook (actually uninstalled) from the available programs. In fact, the extensions, protocols and MAPI are all set to Thunderbird.


              I am attempting to begin this Reviewer process with the simpliest form: attach for email review. This is compatible with Reader 7 and up and allows reviewers to make comments and send them to the initiator. I DO NOT want to use Outlook. I have used some version of Mozilla mail since the mid 90's.


              If someone can explain a workaround for me I would appreciate it very much. This hiccup is holding up a business transaction.

              Thank you!

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                I have this exact same problem.