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    Ackkkk - Please help

      Have not used in ages. Just came in and had some important images downloaded in =to the starter edition and deleted from my camera.
      When opening a registration window pops up saying my trial has expired.
      when registering a window pops up that cannot find path to the web page.
      Then a runtime error pops up closing it down.
      I'm freakinhg out! Have to get these photos back.
      Any suggestions - I'm 1.5 hours into this already!
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          > Have to get these photos back

          I can't fix the registration problem, but your photos are all on your hard drive. Do a search for *.JPG of Docs&Settings and you'll find them [I can't remember where PSA SE puts them by default].
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            Right on - thanks...That's what I've done.
            Have just finished editing, sizing & emailing them.

            Just checked my email...looks like most of the registration links actually worked...there are a dozen from adobe. No time to deal w/ it now.

            Peace & thanks again.

            (better shell out some $$ & get the full version - don't want thios to happen again!)