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    file name too long

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      when i attempt to open a picture sent in photoshop, the error message says my file name path is too long...i tried putting the picture directly onto the C drive and it still won't load the picture to photoshop...HELP!
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          Which version of the software do you have?
          Exactly how are you trying to open the file?
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            Windows 2000 Business
            i saved the attached pic from an email to 'my doc/lyn'sdoc/mypics/lyn and when i try to view the pic, photoshop tells me my file name is too long or invalid. i tried saving the pic straight to a folder on the C drive. i get the same message.

            however, you'll probably laugh!!! i did! i opened Adobe Photoshop directly. i clicked 'find' and 'file' and it opened the picture and saved it in photoshop.

            i've spent 2 days back and forth on this...this was a pain!

            do you have any other ideas on how to open straight from the pic folder?

            thanks for your input! lyn
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              OK, I'll try again:
              Which version of the Adobe software do you have?

              What do you want to do with the image?
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                i just downloaded the photoshop (free) because i was sent pics in adobe. I saved the pic to a folder. When i tried to view the pic, that's when the error message appeared. Any ideas? thanks loads!
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                  I am sorry Lyn. I want to help, but you just aren't telling me what I need to know.

                  > just downloaded the photoshop (free)

                  Photoshop is a whole range of products. The only truly "free" one is Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3. Is that what you've got? [That is the subject of this forum.

                  > because i was sent pics in adobe

                  What does this mean? "in Adobe"???
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