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    Order Photos

      When trying to order photos using Kodak Easy Share Gallary my pictures will not come up on the first order screen...just an X in the pictues block.

      What to do....
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          BobGager Adobe Employee
          You've run into a bug between Starter Edition and Internet Explorer 7. I'm guessing you recently upgraded to IE7.
          Turns out Microsoft has added some additional security "features" that disables the way that we reference local files.

          You have a couple of options:

          *Use a machine that does not have IE7 installed.

          *Install a different web browser (such as Firefox) and make it your default web browser.

          *Trust that the little thumbnails are the same images that you had selected before selecting Order Prints.(Ugh)

          *Upgrade to Photoshop Elements. (No IE7 problems there)

          *First Share your photos with yourself via Easyshare Gallery (Share>Share Online) and then log in to your account at http://adobe.kodakgallery.com and place your order from the website. Your photos that you shared will already be in your account from the sharing upload

          Sorry for the hassle. We are working on the next release of Starter Edition, and will be addressing this IE7 "feature".

          If you are interested in upgrading to Photoshop Elements, Adobe has a great discount at http://www.adobe.com/special/funoffers.html?id=catPSE_PRE_PEPE_Offers&sourcecode=187800