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      Silly question, but I can't find a simple link to backup easily to an external drive rather than burn to CD - help, please?
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          I am afraid there is no direct solution to this. There is a workaround. You would need to follow these steps to do this:
          1. Select Email in Edit->Preferences
          2. In Send Email using list, select "Others (Save to Disk)"
          3. Click the Browse button and select the External Hard disk
          4. Click OK to save preferences
          5. Select the images you want to back up
          6. Click File->Attach to Email
          7. Select Individual attachment option
          8. Select "Leave As Is" option in the Size list
          9. Click OK

          It will take some time but all your images will be copied to the selected External Drive.
          Let me know if this helps.

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            Thanks Vibha

            Perhaps it wasn't such a silly question after all!
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              I know it must be right in front of me, but I cannot find the way to burn a collection onto a cd.
              Thanks for the help.
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                > I cannot find the way to burn a collection onto a cd

                If you have the latest version of PSA SE, it's on the File menu.

                BTW, this should really be a new topic.