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    No E-mail with unlock code

      I downloaded PSA SE 3 after my copy of PSA 2.0 got lost in a system crash (fortunately the tags database survived!). When I enter it, it asks me to register. I do, and it says I will get a mail file with the unlock code in a few minutes. But the E-mail never shows up. I see that others are also having this problem. What's the story??
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          Hi Tom,

          Just make sure that email is blocked by your email client as junk etc. If you're not able to find email, then report a bug http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html and you will be emailed your unlock code.

          Do let me know if you are able to receive your unlock code
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            I haven't received the email either. All I get is a runtime error every time I try to submit my registration. Any suggestions?
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              Hi Nelson,

              Report a problem on http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html for getting unlock code

              One more point, are you using Internet Explorer 7 on your machine. There might be issues while using Starter Edition with Internet Explorer 7.
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                I would guess the outfit that Adobe has outsourced registration
                (and subsequent spamming of promotional junk) to had a server
                problem. About six hours after I gave up trying, three unlock
                keys arrived (out of the ten attempts, all of which said
                they would send mail in a few minutes). The key mails (all
                identical keys) cane from
                mail.onlineregister.com([]) between 0100 and 0330
                MST (where they apparently live). My last attempt to register
                was six hours earlier, NOT "a few minutes".

                Of course, the key given is still useless because the "Unlock"
                button is greyed-out even when I type in the number, and
                the registration tool still blows up with a Visual C++
                Runtime error. As a promotional demo/sample application,
                this is never going to make it to the top ten
                make-you-want-to-buy-the-product category unless someone
                at Adobe puts down the eggnog and makes some fixes pronto.

                I don't know who should be more annoyed - those who received
                this broken software pre-installed, or those who actually
                downloaded it only to find it was broken and can't be
                completely removed from their system. (The fact that
                it remembers the complete contents of the registration form
                and how many runs you have left after a complete de-install
                of all Adobe products then a new download and re-install
                proves they don't clean up after themselves.
                Most inappropriate.

                Adobe also really needs to update their own web page bug
                report form to list some of the software we might be
                running these days, like IE7, Firefox, and maybe even
                list Vista for an OS, although I personally won't be running
                that for months (if ever). Maybe even list *this*
                specific product as what you are reporting the bug on.
                This all looks really disorganized.
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                  hi there,
                  i'm also having the same problem. in addition trying to some support from adobe has been a nightmare.has anyone tried to get an email address for adobe?? you keep getting to some dead end. brilliant help if i must say so.
                  any ideas will be appreciated???
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                    I am so frustrated that we all have this same issue and no seeming help is available dating back to 2005. Thanks Adobe, brilliant indeed...c.