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    Problems sending photos thru email

      I have Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0. I have had numerous problems from others when I email them photos. They are unable to see/open the jpg's. Alot of the folks have no problem but there are some that do. Any idea why this could occur. One in particular I am dealing with now is gets his email thru aol...HELP...
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          BobGager Adobe Employee
          Another way to share for Starter Edition is to use the built in Share Online functionality. You don't need to clog your friends eMail with photo attachements, and chances are very good they will be able to view the sharing website (Kodak Easyshare Gallery)

          Simply select the photos you want to share, and click on the Share Icon and select Share Online...
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            I have a recurring problem trying to email from Photoshop. After opening the program and selecting a batch of pictures to send it goes to my default email program (Outlook Express), and everything works as it should. But then if I try to send a second batch it goes to Microsoft Outlook, which is not even configured for email on my computer. I have to close the program and re-open it to get back to Outlook. I know that I can just do it by creating an email and using "Attach", but it bugs me that this wont work properly on a consistent basis.