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    PSA 2.0 to PSA SE 3.0 Catalog Issues

      I edit my images in PS CS but I paid for Photoshop Album 2.0. because I really liked its tagging facilities and calendar organizing. So I spent a lot of time tagging.

      Now PSA 3.0 SE is out and I installed it but after install I noticed it didn't have my old tags. This might be caused by my moving the PSA 2.0 to my G drive to improve drive contention and to make it more noticeable for backups (I believe it was buried in the "Program Files/Adobe/Album" area or something like that...hard to even know you should go there for backups).

      So a couple questions:
      1) Is this tagging and calendaring stuff available in Elements or Photoshop? In others words is going to PSA SE 3.0 the right upgrade path?

      2) How can I get the catalog into PSA SE 3.0? Are the 2.0 and 3.0 catalogs compatible so I can just replace the 3.0 catalog with 2.0? Or is there a hidden import function?

      Thanks for you help. I wish Adobe had at least carried the 2.0 features (including have the catalog location listed in preferences) rather than dumbing it down.