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    Album SE 3.0 ... How do I uninstall?

      I found this app to be dead weight since it is so ;limited in its file format capabilities (no vector at all!)

      I now want to uninstall, having given it a considerable time to be useful.

      When trying to install, all I recieve is the message

      'Internal Error 2753. apdproxy.exe' followed by 'Fatal error dring installation'

      I take it the second message should actually say 'uninstall' but this is just a minor bug.

      My problem is that there seems to be no way forward ...

      I cannot uninstall
      I cannot re-install because I cannot find a source file on the Adobe website (it does not seem to be listed under products)
      I have seen other posts that suggest that it will not reinstall at any rate until this corrupt incarnation is gone (!!!)
      There seems to be no knowledgebase article about deleting folders and removing registry entries, i.e. a manual removal.

      Any suggestions?
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          I cannot help, but I am curious about:

          > limited in its file format capabilities (no vector at all!)

          Do you have a camera that produces vector images? I think not.
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            No I do not have such a camera ... but do I have many applications that can handle raster in a faster, more intuitive way. I was hoping for a little more from a company that is so graphics orientated.

            With the company that gave us Illustrator this ommision of 'a side feature' is incredible.
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              The word "photo" in the product name should be a giveaway. The product is intended to be a simple organizer for digital camera users.
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                I think that you have missed the point here ... Adobe is a market leader (monopoly?) when it comes to graphics software. They are entering a new market crowded with image organising software ... they could have made a product that was
                a) different from their competitors
                b) innovative
                c) integrated with their existing portfolio

                What they chose to do was an average media organiser with fewer features and higher prices that already existed in the market place.

                I found it difficult to believe that an organisation such as Adobe would rest on its laurels to such an extent, so I decided to give it a go. My thinking was simply that it is unlikely, given that they already own the code, that integration with other adobe applications would not be a part of the software. It might not be the primary purpose, hence the marketing name, but One would have thought that it would be possible.

                If you were to take away the Adobe badge from the product ... what do have that distinguishes it from the rest of the pack? features? integration? price? speed? .... so I want to remove it since as far as I am concerned it is dead weight.

                That still leaves me in a position of wanting to remove it ... how?

                BTW. I regularly use Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign as part of my work. Loyalty to Adobe was part of my decision process ... but I will not be 'loyal' to the extent of accepting anything that published.
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                  > What they chose to do was an average media organiser with fewer features and higher prices that already existed in the market place

                  But PSA SE is free. What are you talking about? It is just a "taster" for PSE [Organizer], which is much more flexible/capable.
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                    yes SE was free but EXTREMELY limited, a taster for a more expensive application that is still limited when compared to other commercially available applications, and as far as I am aware, still does not utilize the natural advantages that Adobe has from having such an excellent track record and such a large stable of graphics products, all of which are excellent applications.
                    I am not attacking Adobe, I use and appreciate their software on a daily basis and intend to put more custom their way in the future. My issue is still that they have missed an opportunity here (IMHO) and I still cannot get the thing off my system :-(
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                      Adobe have 3 levels of product for organization of photographic images: PSA SE, PSE Organizer, Lightroom. What they don't have, to my knowledge, is a similar organizer program to deal with non-photographic image material. Expanding flexibility of an existing product to encompass vector images etc. sounds reasonable, but it's a question of when to stop. Next thing you know you have a digital asset tracking program, not an organizer.

                      Do you have reason to believe that simply deleting the program folders won't be enough?
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                        I could delete the program folder ... I am more concerned with registry issues, common files, the effects on my other adobe apps etc.

                        If at all possible I prefer to uninstall in the traditional way, just for the sake of knowing that the job is done safely and will not return to bite me at a later date.

                        I was kind of hoping that there was a list of registry changes made by the app that I could reverse, or a source file and method that would allow me to re-install over the top of the existing installation without error.

                        I cannot be the only one where the un-install is broken, the re-install will not function because the un-install is broken, so that I am left not being able to go forwards or backwards.
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                          I recently uninstalled PSASE 3.0 for largely the same reason--not much image manipulation functionality there that I could use. The uninstallation went without difficulties in my case, through Control Panel, Add/Remove. There's no uninstallation complete dialog, you just assume that it's gone, since the program name is removed from the list, as well as from the Start Menu.

                          Being curious, I went on to check a few things afterwards, however, and found quite a lot to remove manually: the program folder in Program Files\Adobe was still there with empty subfolders; the Application Data in my account and in the All Users account had remnants of PSASE, such as configuration files; and of course the registry was choke full of leftover entries (file associations, even the shell extension etc.), which I went on to delete manually and then with the Windows Live OneCare registry scan, which also found some now defunct references.

                          The apdproxy.exe is the Adobe Photo Downloader app, which is surreptitiously embedded as a registry autorun command and is used to launch PSASE when a camera is connected. Quite annoying, as I had to delete references to that file as well.

                          My only question is, why can't Adobe write a decent uninstall routine that takes care of "leftover" folders and registry entries? Would it be THAT hard to implement? Frankly, I would not consider PSASE again, not in any future incarnation.
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                            First of all, U dont hv to mess up with registry entries by yourself,atleast in case of uninstalltion.
                            Same problem was happening wid me last night,when i was trying to uninstall Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition,it was giving me
                            'Internal Error 2753. adb2.exe'..whole night i tried to remove individual reg keys and subkeys from regedit.But there were hundreds of them.So i woke this mornin and decided to to download a decent s/w tat will remove all the reg entries and Windows installer pacakges /if present/.
                            And my search ended up with this awesome software..
                            UNINSTALLER PRO 2005 /i know newer ver is avail but i prefer this one/
                            I installed it.software gave me accuate info abt wats exactly wrong with the application,gave me all the reg entries,and flushed it in seconds.
                            now its even gone from add/remove progs. t'was a BIG relief...
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                              Purchasing software to remove freeware is unacceptable. The uninstaller should work especially in an Adobe product. I have tried killing the apdproxy.exe process and process tree and still cannot remove this software from my computer. Has anyone had any success removing this software with out manual labor?