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    Creating a photo book with captions

      I am using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3 running on Windows. I have created a collection of photos that I want to have printed as an album. I want to maintain the captions and order that I have already set. My preference would be to do this on my desktop rather than uploading them to a service like Snapfish or Kodak Gallery (the upload process is nightmarish and it doesn't appear to maintain the captions). Any suggestions?

      Ideally I would like to find a templated tool that would allow me to import my collection with its captions. Then I would send it to Snapfish or Kodak Gallery or Lulu for printing. Maybe I've missed something, but all of those folks seem to want me to upload my photos and then template the book on their site, adding captions manually. This is nuts, particularly if I've already done the work to add captions in Photoshop Album.

      As a related question, is there some standard for tagging and captions for photos or does Photoshop Album use some proprietary method?