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    Cannot find tab to burn photos to cd

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      I have an e-Machines T3958 desk top computer, Im using Windows XP Service Pack 2 Version 2002 and there is 56.1 GB of free space on my C drive. I have and have recently had to re-configure my computer before the re-configuration I could use the Photoshop Starter Album 3.0 without any problems. However since I have re-downloaded the program I am unable to burn any of my photographs to a CD. There seems to be no tab for CD burning. I really like the Photoshop Starter Album because I can do so many things with it. For scrapbooking purposes this program is great and I like the fact I can burn personalized CD's that have significance to the person I want to give them to. What am I doing wrong? I'm not a computer wizard but I can navigate my way around. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.