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    Some photos not appearing in slideshow

      Until a month ago I was using the software that came with my digital camera to edit and organize my photos. I have since begun using Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0. All of my photos that were edited and organized in my old software appear in my photo well, however, if I select the first photo in a folder (for example, a particular vacation folder) and run a Full Screen Slideshow, not all of the photos appear in the slideshow. It seems to be the photos that I edited with the old software (ie. adjusted contrast, cropped, etc.)that do not appear. Stranger yet, if I select one of the edited photos that does not appear in the slideshow, and then run a Full Screen Slideshow, it is a slideshow of just the edited pictures. And weirder yet, if I select all of the photos in the folder and then run a Full Screen Slideshow, the slideshow begins with the unedited photos and then goes through the edited photos. The photos are all in chronological order in the photowell, and have common file names such as 2003_02161Image0102. Does anyone know why this is happening?