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    Moving pictures

      I've run out of space on my laptop due to the rather large number of digital pictures that I've gathered, all of which I've got organized with Photoshop Album. So I'd like to transfer them to an external drive.

      The question is this: how do I let Photoshop Album know where the pictures are moved? They will all be in a similar directory tree, just sitting off the new drive, not the old one. I've tried to automatically reconnect the files, and Album finds them, but it requires me to take individual action on each picture. And there are a lot of pictures - thousands - which is why I have to do this in the first place.

      Short of clicking on each of these thousand pictures, is there any way of telling Album that I'm just moving all of the pictures in the same directory structure to another disk?
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          Unfortunately the SE version really doesn't give you any flexibility in moving files. Obviously you can reimport them, but you lose tags, collections etc.

          If the folder structure is retained, there is the option of using MS Access to hack the catalog [easy to do].