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    Unable to Open Catalog 'My Catalog'

      Hi. I have just downloaded and installed PSA SE 3.0 under Windows/2K SP4. I have an Administrator and 3 Users defined, one of which has Administrator rights. When I logon as either Administrator or the other authorized user, PSA SE runs just fine. When I logon as either of the other two users (who don't have Administrator rights), and start PSA SE, I get this message: "Unable to open catalog 'My Catalog' because you do not have permission to open it. Please select an action to perform: 1.Open an existing catalog, or 2.Create a new catalog named 'My Catalog-1.psa'" If I select option 1 (Open an existing . . .", I get the same error. If I select option 2 (Create . . .", I get the error: "Unable to create a new catalog. Please reinstall Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0". Of course I can't reinstall it from the "non-Administrator" users. When I log back on as Administrator and check for Photoshop SE updates, it says there aren't any. While on as Administrator I went into PSA SE Properties 'Security' tab and gave 'Read&Execute', 'Read', and 'Write' authority to the the "non-Administrator" users and still got all the same previous errors. What is the problem and what is he solution? Thanks.