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    Unable to "get photo" b/c psa se says it's already in catalog

      Hi - Would be interested to know if anyone else has had this problem. After reorganizing my photos in Windows Explorer (moving folders from My Pictures/Adobe up a level to My Pictures), I had lots of duplicate thumbnails in psa se catalog, half of which were broken links to the old location. (And haven't found an easy way to clean that up, btw.) Now, a picture that IS on my hard drive, but doesn't appear in the psa se catalog cannot be imported into psa se because I get a message that it's already in the catalog. However, no amount of searching turns it up in the catalog. I probably deleted it from the catalog by mistake in trying to clean up the duplicates, BUT IT IS STILL ON MY HARD DRIVE in its original form. I worked around this by renaming the photo to trick psa se, but I doubt that's the way it's supposed to work ;)! Thanks!