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    Email a collection as pdf file

      I want to email a group of jpg photos as a collection or create a file that I could email to people who wish to view it. Is there a good way to do this using this program? I tried it and only one photo went through and then they had to download the program to view it is what they tell me. Shouldn't a pdf file be read by adobe reader?

      Thank you.
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          BobGager Adobe Employee
          Yes, Create PDF Slideshow should do it.
          It will generate a single PDF file with your images that you can then eMail.

          Sounds like you may have done that. I'm guessing the program they had to download was Reader. Reader is all that is needed to read the PDF Slideshow generated by Starter Edition.

          An easier way to share is to use the Share Online functionality.
          Select a few images, click Share > Share Online...
          Create a sharing account, select who you want to share with, and upload your images.
          It works great.
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            ONe other way is to use email functionality in PSE. In this workflow there is an option to specify that you want to send the files as attchments or PDF. This option is also available in PASE 3.0