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    Default Tags

      I went from 2.0 to 3.0 and my default "People" tag changed to a Sub-Category tag I had. How can I change this back? I now have Birthday, Places, Events, Others instead of People, Places, etc.
      Thank You
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          Any reason why a sub-cat is a problem? You can select it just like a tag.

          Otherwise, create a new tag [called People], click the sub-cat, select all images [CTRL/A], apply the new tag, and remove the subcat. This is just a few moments work.
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            Thanks for the reply - I guess I meant to say my main "people" category was restored as Birthday category and People became a sub-category instead of the other way around. I did what you suggested though. I can't delete the now empty "Birthday" category because Album must still classify it as 1 of the four default categories it created at installation.
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              Just try to restore Catalog & PSE preferences first to perform much operations. It might be helpful. Just try & let us know does it work for you.