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    Unwanted Photo Archive

      I'm a dyslexic technophobe so simple answers will be greatly appreciated!
      I have downloaded Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 and have found that it is storing absolutely every image that is shown on the computer - including all images from every website visited with page bars, wavy lines and uncle tom cobley and all!!
      First question: How do I stop Adobe from storing these images?
      Second question: How do I get rid of these images which date back to the beginning of 2006?
      just imagine the number of pictures when we do our monthly TESCO shop online!!!
      The images are not shown when I open the photoshop to view my own pictures but are included with every email attachment that I receive and view.
      I hope someone out there will have a simple answer for me.
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          Sounds like you have PSA SE watched folders looking at a folder tree that includes your Web browser's image cache. Go to prefs in PSA SE and turn off watched folders.

          Deleting the images is simply a matter of selecting them and hitting DEL.
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            Wow! Thanks Colin, but what are prefs in PSA SE? Where is it (they) located and how do I get to it?

            I have tried to delete the images but the problem is that I just don't know where they are being stored. They just keep arriving when I open an attachment that requires Adobe. I delete the images that are there, but next time I open the file there are new images to be deleted. Going back to the beginning of 2006 I think this is probably going to be a long job.

            I'll start with your suggestion as soon as I know what PSA SE is.

            Thanks again, I hope to hear from you soon.

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              PSA SE = Photoshop Album Starter Edition.

              > what are prefs in PSA SE? Where is it (they) located and how do I get to it?

              Edit menu.

              If you delete inside PSA SE, you don't need to know where the images are - you just want to delete the catalog entries. Go to the earliest and click on it; go to the latest and SHIFT/click; then hit DEL.
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                Hello again Colin

                Thanks again for your reply. However, at the risk of appearing a complete dunce, I have been unable to find out how to turn off 'watched folders'. I have found the 'preferences' under the 'edit' tab but am unable to find anything relating to watched folders! Might it be called something else?

                As far as the unwanted images are concerned I have been able to delete many of them but am aware that just by writing this note I will have another 20 or so unwanted images stored on my computer! all of the images that I want to keep are stored as I want them on Adobe but I still don't know where the other images are being held.

                Hopefully when I find out how to turn off 'watched folders' this problem will stop completely.

                Thanks again for your efforts so far.

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                  I don't have access to PSA SE on this computer - I just know that there's a setting for watched folders there somewhere.

                  BTW, you can always find where an image is stored by looking at its properties in PSA SE.
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                    BobGager Adobe Employee
                    It's actually called Favorites Folder in Starter Edition.

                    Edit>Preferences>Favorite Folder.

                    Uncheck the "Each time I start...." box.

                    All that said, this won't stop images from automatically getting imported
                    into Starter Edition. It will just stop the notifications that there is
                    something new.

                    Can you describe more fully what happens before and during the time that you
                    are seeing new images show up in Starter Edition, and what buttons you might
                    be clicking on?
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                      Hi Bob

                      Thanks for your interest.

                      I had already unchecked the box you mentioned - but then I never did get any notification of new images anyway!

                      A brief resume of what is happening now:

                      When I log on to the internet everything works fine and nothing seems out of place. However, I recently needed some further information from a company about a product I wanted to buy and asked for a photograph. It duly arrived as an attachment to his email. I opened the attachment and looked at the picture but noticed there was a 'forward' arrow at the bottom of the page so I presumed he had sent more than one picture. I clicked on the arrow and found that somehow every picture from my internet home page had been attached along with every picture that I had viewed (as well as many pictures going back more than a year) or passed by while searching sites that day. I then opened a different email with a picture attachment to find that the same had happened to that email as well but any photos that were missing from the first email were now attached to this one!

                      In short, if the computer sees images (jpeg), even if I am not looking at it, it attaches them to random emails with jpeg attachments. I don't have a clue where else these images are being stored on my computer but I dont seem to be able to access them through Adobe Photoshop SE.

                      If you have any ideas I would be very grateful if you will pass them on.

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                        > I opened the attachment and looked at the picture but noticed there was a 'forward' arrow at the bottom of the page

                        What program is opening the image file?
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                          It's almost as if all of the images that you've viewed on your computer show up as attatchments. I sent an email tonight (containing 1 picture) to a friend as well as a copy back to myself, to make sure it sent ok. When I opened the attatchment, the image I sent showed up first, but I could scroll over and look at the other images that have been viewed on this computer. That just makes me really interested to know what the person on the other end of the email recieved. Was it was only the intended picture? Was it all recently viewed pictures on my families computer? Was it images that have been viewed on my friends computer? I don't have a clue, but it really makes me wonder why I can't just send the 1 picture I meant to send by only attatching that one image without all of this extra stuff.
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                            > I could scroll over and look at the other images that have been viewed on this computer

                            Scroll over where? What are you talking about?
                            What program opens when you open the attachment?
                            If it's PSA SE, then you are looking at the catalog of images on your computer.
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                              Atleast on my computer, the photo attatchments open in PSA SE. On the bottom bar of the PSA SE window, there are the icons to slightly edit the image without importing it into the full version of PSA SE. There are: previous photo (scrolling arrows), next photo (scrolling arrows), start slideshow, rotate 90 degrees left, rotate 90 degrees right, delete photo, print, fit in window, actual size, zoom out, zoom in, and import to PSA SE (for more photo editing). The scrolling arrows allow you to scroll over and view the other images that have been viewed on this particular computer.

                              As I said, I sent 1 picture to a friend (and myself) and was amazed to find the one picture I sent in the attatchment, as well as the viewed images on this computer. It just makes me wonder what my friend got (if anything) along with the intended image. I don't think there's anything on this computer that I don't want anybody else to see, but I do share the computer with 4 other people too, so I guess I can't say for sure what their internet habit are and I have no idea what images the person on the other end of the email recieved. Especially considering I clicked on the 1 particular image file to send as an attatchment, not all of that other stuff. Yet it still showed up when I opened the attatchment.
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                                If you sent one picture, your friend received just one picture. The program is just showing you what's on your computer.
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                                  Thank you Colin & Josh for taking the time to look at my posted question.

                                  I have checked my computer and found that the images stored are images looked at by my computer and not by me! However, I have also discovered that if I click on Outlook Express TOOLS, then DELETE BROWSING HISTORY, DELETE FILES & DELETE COOKIES all the unwanted images are deleted.

                                  Thank you Colin for putting my at rest - I sometimes need to store confidential images for my clients and I was worried that some of them may have been attached to my outgoing emails without my knowledge.

                                  Thanks again.

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                                    I have a problem similar to Martin's. I send a lot of proofs to my buyers on Ebay because I create personalized items. Anyway, I sent an attachment file to someone for review and proofing and received an email from them indicating they were very disturbed by the images that were included with the proof picture. Apparently, Adobe is attaching whatever images are last viewed to my attachment emails. She indicated there were several porn pictures included when she clicked to print the file that I had sent her. I don't have any porn pictures on my computer so I honestly don't know how they got attached to the file that I sent her. But in testing this to see how it happened, it would appear that anything opened (emails, photos on Photo Bucket, etc) prior to looking at an attachment email, is then attached to that file and can be viewed also. So when the picture comes up in Adobe and you click print, not only is the original attachment file there but several others as well. This is really puzzling to me and I had no idea it was happening until I got this very nasty email from a customer.

                                    I really need to solve this problem as I don't want to be accused of sending inapppropriate files to my customers.

                                    If you have any suggestions for me, it would be greatly appreciate.

                                    Thanks for your help!
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                                      Hi Kim,

                                      Can you outline precisely the steps you took to do this? It sounds more like
                                      you have either adware or a virus. This is certainly not something PSA 3.2
                                      can do.

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                                        Hi Jim,

                                        Thanks for your reply. When I sent the original email, I had a JPG file that I sent as an attachment so the customer could view it.

                                        This is what the Customer sent to me after I emailed her several times trying to figure it out:

                                        **I don't know what to tell you about this. I am sorry it happened but I don't want to play with it anymore. The only way for me to bring it back up would be to get you to send it to me again. I deleted it and I don't want to see those pictures again. I have no clue what happened. The only thing I can tell you is to send the proof to your mom or someone and have her click on it, then on mine it says, do you want to open it or save it, click open, then in the right hand corner pops up the puzzle picture, underneath the picture are options, zoom etc. then one that says shows a picture of a printer, when I click on the printer this is when all the pictures the pictures come up including the one I sent you of the mountains and some other ones that must be yours but are normal pictures, I can't remember, I clicked off so fast. I can also see the picture of the puzzle, it then wants me click on the ones I want to print. maybe a family member can help you out.**

                                        When I tried to recreate it, I realized that whatever I click on (emails with photos, websites with photos, anything that has graphics) is then included with whatever attachment email that I open on my computer. I wasn't able to see the pictures that she was referring to, but I understood what she was talking about. In the slideshow area of Adobe, the original attachment is there as well as whatever other pictures were just viewed prior to opening the attachment file. (Sometimes these are not even complete pictures, but just partial headers from emails) Also when you click PRINT you have the option to print several different pictures depending on what has been opened just prior to that.

                                        If this is a virus, than I will call a computer tech and see if they can figure it out. I just didn't know it this was something that the Adobe program was doing or what was causing it. Whatever it is I need to get it resolved before I send anymore attachment emails!

                                        Thanks again for your help!
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                                          Hi Kim

                                          From what I can make out, this is not a virus but a fault with ADOBE!?

                                          You will find that every image (including headers and parts of pictures) that your computer views will be stored on your computer and attached to any image that you send out. I originally found it by mistake just like you. I received a picture of a running machine from a client but when I clicked on the arrow to find out what else he had sent me I found a whole array of unrelated images. I deleted the unwanted images (including emptying the waste bin) and looked again at his image the following day. The picture of the running machine was there again but so was a selection of DIFFERENT images!

                                          To help combat this problem you should click on TOOLS on microsoft internet explorer, then click DELETE BROWSING HISTORY, then click DELETE FILES and DELETE COOKIES. You should do this every time you log on and log off the internet.

                                          The question now is, is the problem with ADOBE or MICROSOFT?

                                          I hope this helps. Good luck.
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                                            Perhaps, I am still not fully aware of the problem Martin, but Kim referred
                                            to porn that was not on her computer. I personally have never experience
                                            such a thing, nor have other users to date.

                                            I would also not expect this from Microsoft.

                                            Having said this, there are many ways in which undesired images can be
                                            funneled through your computer. One only needs to be connected to the
                                            internet. One does not even need to be doing it themselves. A hacker simply
                                            digs into an open port on the computer and that's it.

                                            I guess, you're right though... in a sense that would be a flaw in
                                            Microsoft's product.


                                            This still doesn't help you much though. I'm still confused how you might
                                            have had porn on your computer if you didn't have any to begin with and THAT
                                            is where I point to an adware product or something like a trojan horse