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    Multiple Automatic Copies

      When using Photoshop Album Starter Edition the other day,I put about 60 pictures into a folder and placed it on the desktop. I then put it into a CD burning program so I could show the pictures in another place on a different computer. After successfully burning the CD, copies of all 60 pictures appeared on the desktop as individual icons. I deleted all of them. When I returned to the computer, "copy two" of all 60 pictures greeted me. I put those into a new folder; copy three then appeared. This process has continued, deleting in different ways, until today, I am up to copy eight". HELP!!!
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          You need to review PSA SE preferences. It sounds like your Desktop is set to be the place that files are copied to. But I have to admit I really can't figure out a sequence that give these results.
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            Thanks for the information. I went to preferences and reset to factory defaults. I saw nothing else that could possibly affect this problem. I deleted and re-installed the program - no effect. I removed my original file that I had created - no effect. Any other ideas?
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              I think I figured it out. That folder of pictures I had put on the desktop to make it easy to find when it was time to burn the CD was stuffed with multiple copies. Somehow, and I don't know how, doesn't really matter anyway, many copies of the pictures were saved. In some cases there were 32 copies of each picture - literally hundreds of copies. When I deleted all that were showing on the desktop, more popped up. That was because the desktop could not display all of them at once. As I deleted some, some of the previously invisible ones appeared. The program was not re-creating the same ones, the computer was displaying previously saved copies. I discovered this by clicking on Files - Get Photos - From files or folders - and there they all were. Selecting a hundred or so at a time, I deleted them. So far they have not re-appeared. Thanks for your help.