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    After Organizing

      After I organize the pictures into sub folders, can and should I delete them from the main catalog?
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          Please explain your question more carefully. PSA SE has no concept of a "sub folder". Don't delete anything until we have this resolved.
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            smriti mehra Adobe Employee
            Hi Brenda,

            If you are talking about the folder location view than that is just a view of the main catalog. if you delete pictures from main catalog they will not be visible in the folder view also.Never delete the pictures from your hard disc as the pictures shown in the catalog physically exist on the hard disc.

            Hope this helps
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              i think i have the same concern and misunderstanding as Brenda. let's say i download ten pictures from my camera, which automatically show up on the catalog screen. then i move three of those photos to a new collection, say i call it "autos". can i delete the ten downloaded photos from the catalog without losing the three i piut in the "autos" collection? steven
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                I think you have a conceptual issue here. PSA SE has a single catalog, which references all of your images. You can limit your view ["filter" it] in 2 main ways: tags let you organize in lots ways, as you can select mutiple tags to carefully qualify which images are visible and narrow down to what you want; collections let you define sequences of images, in an order of your choosing, for particular purposes.

                Is this making sense?