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    Why does program apdproxy.exe use all my cpu

      I just upgraded from Photoshop Album Starter 2.0 to 3.0 and am now going to uninstall it. I thought higher of Adobe until now.
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          Hi Gary,

          My observation is that apdproxy.exe uses CPU only when any camera is connected to the PC otherwise CPU usage is 0.

          If you are facing some problem then I would suggest you to report a bug on http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html
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            From what I've seen so far, I absolutely love Adobe Photoshop Album. BUT, I almost had to get rid of it because my CPU was spinning at about 50% utilization (I have WinXP Pro, 1GB RAM, 2800+ AMD CPU)

            Here's the deal with the high CPU usage:

            SUMMARY: The Adobe Photoshop Album's "Photo Downloader" is always running and seems to cause my NORTON Antivirus "Auto-Protect" to continually check it. Norton Antivirus Auto-protect eats up a lot of CPU %.

            It's actually my ANTI-VIRUS softare that is using up all the CPU, but it is caused by the "Photo Downloader" portion of Adobe Photoshop Album. The Photo Downloader is the program that automatically starts Adobe Photoshop Album whenever you hook up your digital camera to your computer. You can tell whether or not it is running because there will be a small camera icon in your "system tray" to the right of the "task bar."

            Anyway, the Photo Downloader is "always running, " but doesn't really take up any CPU by itself. The fact that it's "always running," however, causes the "Auto-Protect" portion of Symantec's Norton Antivirus Professional 2004 to continually eat CPU.

            It seems my antivirus software and the photo downloader can't coexist, so I had to get rid of my photo downloader program. Here's how -

            To temporarily disable the photo downloader:
            1) right-click the icon in your system tray and select "disable", then right-click and select "exit"

            To semi-permanently disable the photo downloader:
            1) Click START, then RUN, then type msconfig
            2) then go to the "startup" tab of the msconfig utility
            3) look for "APDProxy" and uncheck that box.
            4) hit "apply" and restart the computer.
            5) after restarting you'll get a message that the config has changed. This is normal.
            6) From now on, every time you plug in your digital camera, Adobe Photoshop Album will *NOT* automatically start.... *BUT* you should get a list of programs to choose from, and you can still choose Adobe Photoshop album if you want.

            I hope this was helpful to someone!!
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              Yes, thank you. I described how I removed my "photo downloader" in the post above, but it eventually came back and I had to repeat. So, so far, I agree w/ Ken Mata's post as the best way to permanently disable this program. Thanks Ken!