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    File association

      I have XP and just upgraded to Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0. I keep getting a warning message from my spyware monitor (Winpatrol)that:

      "Photoshop Album Starter Edition/3.0/apps/componentlauncher.exe is trying to change the file association for JPG to Edition/3.0/apps/componentlauncher.exe"

      Although I respond "NO", the message keeps appearing every several minutes and is getting very annoying. Obviously it appears that Adobe is trying to take over all picture file associations.

      How do I stop this?
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          I don't know about your spyware detection, but I do know that PSA SE 3 doesn't grab any associations on my machine. What did you select on installation?
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            I don't recall having any choices when it was installed.
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              I've tried to submit the following message to Adobe through a couple of links, but they don't seem inclined to respond. The problem is the same as the other two postings and merits more than simple corrective feedback.

              I foolishly upgraded to your free Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3 tonight, unaware that your software was going to take control of my file associations for JPGs, JPEGs, and JPEs. Now, even though I have changed the file associations back to Microsoft Photo Editor, which I find convenient and use many times a day, I continue to get a message window stating that "This file does not have a program associated with it..." Your update has caused me considerable grief and I need assistance in getting back to my desired defaults. This intrusion into my setup is very unprofessional and atypical of what I have come to expect from Adobe. There was never a question presented that asked for a setup response and I've not had that this problem with any of your previous Starter Edition versions. Please respond to this request as soon as possible.
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                Thanks for your input- I'm glad to see that I'm not alone, and the message you sent to Adobe is right on- hopefully, you will get an answer. If all else fails, I'll just delete the whole application- Picassa does a great job of editing......
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                  I think you can change the file associations back to Microsoft Photo Editor.While doing it,you might have forgotten to check the checkbox that says "Always select the selected program to open this kind of file" in the "open with" window.This should change the association.
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                    You are correct. For the other fellows. Please understand that this is a
                    user to user forum. If you want to make a comment directly to Adobe, you'll
                    need to use the appropriate email contact... here, you will get fellow
                    end-users that volunteer their time to help other end-users out.

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                      I understand this is only a forum, but Adobe has gone to great lenghts to make any assitance on their part very difficult to access. In fact, it was an Adobe customer service rep that suggested I try this forum.


                      The problem is that even though I have changed the association back to Microsoft Photo Editor AND have the box checked to use that application every time, the files still return the error message and will not open; although they will if I switch the association back to Adobe. In my opinion, users should refrain from downloading this new version (3) and consider other options. If this is a contrived mechanism, then Adobe is making a big mistake.
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                        Robert & Dishka- I had the same problem- looks like I'll just uninstall Adobe.
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                          Perhaps, like most manufacturers, they will monitor these forums and see what's really going on with their customers (even the freebe ones).
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                            To all concerned.

                            What I finally did to get my file associations back where I wanted was to FIRST AND FOREMOST, uninstall Adobe photoshop ver 3. Then I rebooted and returned to Tools, Folder Options, File Types..., to establish the associations I needed for JPEGs, JPGs, and JPEs. When I first did this though, I still could not open images with Microsoft Photo Editor. It did not appear as if anything had changed in registry settings. Then, with Adobe removed, I slected the RESTORE button in Tools, Folder Options, File Types, and the assignment finally took. The key is ensure Adobe is removed because it attaches itself to the RESTORE option as the defaut setting.
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                              I think you could log a bug at the Adobe Site http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html
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                                I to am having the same problem as D C Amerl. I solved the problem by completely uninstalling PASE 3.0.
                                Before I uninstalled it, I tried just deleting ComponentLauncher. This just removed the company name from the warning every 10 minutes.
                                What is really stupid is that I have allowed the file assn change but it insists on changing from PASE 3.0 to PASE 3.0.
                                If anyone has any other solution than deletion, please let me know.
                                It appears that Adobe doesn't care and won't even admit it is doing it.
                                I have left a bug report describing the problem. It will be interesting to see if they care. They state "We take input from our customers very seriously" Has anyone seen any evidence that this is true?
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                                  I have the same problem. When I installed Adobe PASE 3.0 there was no option for assigning a default program for handling photos. It stated that it would be the default. I was not happy about that, but it gave no option and I thought I could just change it later.

                                  I was able to change file association for jpeg images. But I was quite unhappy to find that, unlike other photo-editing programs, Adobe does not respect my privacy. My private photos were displayed not only on my user account, but also my sons' user accounts.

                                  Now I have tried to upload pictures from my camera and Adobe comes up. I don't want Adobe controlling my computer. I was looking forward to buying Adobe Photoshop Elements after experimenting with this trial edition, but I am far from impressed. I guess the only option is to uninstall it.
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                                    To all:

                                    One thing that has not been discussed in this thread so far:
                                    There is a preference setting in PSA SE 3.0 which can be used to revert back file association.

                                    My observation is:
                                    1. I installed PSA SE 3.0 and all my JPEG files are not associtated with PSA SE 3.0
                                    2. Launch PSA SE 3.0 application though desktop shortcut and go to Edit --> Preferneces --> Files
                                    3. Uncheck "Use Photoshop Album Starter Edition to view JPEG image files"
                                    4. Close the application
                                    5. Now my JPEG files are again opening in Window Fax and Image viewer.

                                    So there is no need to uninstall PSA SE 3.0 for changing file association and I can use PSA SE3.0 without associated it with my JPEG files.

                                    Hope that helps