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    Tiff to jpg conversion

      I'm using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0. I've had the camera for only 2 days now. I've downloaded quite a few pictures off of it and it is saving them as tiff files. For the purpose of me downloading the pictures to my camera, I need them in Jpg, is there any way to use Photoshop to change the file type, and if so how?
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          No. PSA SE does not [I beleive] support TIFF, as this format is very rarely used by cameras. For the longer term, you'd be best setting your camera to create JPEGs. To convert what you have, a service like this would do the job: http://www.zamzar.com/
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            My issue is the opposite - the pictures on the camera are jpgs, but when PSA SE imports them, it creates them as .tiff fles. I have removed all of the Canon software in the event there was a software/driver conflict, but this is still happening. Any ideas on how to keep the photos as jpgs? Thanks.
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              This is really a new topic ...

              Are you sure you removed the Canon software completely and then rebooted? This sounds typical of what happens if a TWAIN driver is in the way.
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                Colin, from the posts I found, the instructions you had were to uninstall Canon (done), uninstall photoshop (done) and reinstall photoshop (done). I initially removed the Canon software last week and have rebooted several times since then. Nothing related to Canon shows up in Add/Remove. When I reconnected the camera, the Canon Twain driver window popped up.

                At this point, I am about to give up. I removed PSSE again, and reinstalled Canon Zoombrowser because I needed the files in jpg format. I wonder if the twain driver is somehow installed in the camera itself and runs each time the camera is connected?

                Any assistance you can provide would be great. I really like the print capabilities of PSSE, and since we use it here in the office, I've got several people trained in using it. Hate to switch gears now.
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                  What model of camera is it?
                  Do you have a scanner installed on this PC?
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                    It is a Canon Power Shot A640. No scanner.
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                      I am stumped. That camera cannot generate TIFFs and neither can PSA SE. You could just transfer files from the camera using Windows Explorer and the do a Get Photos to import into PSA SE.
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                        It's weird, huh. I will reinstall PSA SE and try that. What I anticipate is that when I connect the camera, PSA SE will open, then the TWAIN Driver window will open and I will need to close all of them, and try Explorer. I'll let you know what happens. I've been messing with this for about 2 weeks now. Thank you very much for your input. Stay tuned...
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                          Colin, and anyone else who is interested in this particular issue: Internet Explorer would not recognize the camera as a USB storage device, but here's what works for me: the Adobe Uploader icon preloads in the task tray - before plugging the camera in, Right Click, Disable the icon. Then plug in the camera, and use the Canon software to upload the photos, save them to a folder on my computer. Then open PASE SE, Get Photos, from file.... only takes a few extra clicks and my jpgs are intact.

                          I appreciate your input and assistance in this Colin.