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    Kodak CX7530 - "device not connected"

      Hi all,
      I have searched this forum as well as the support knowledge databases for help with this problem. I found an entry in the knowledge database that covered devices not connecting and followed its advice without success. I am hoping to be able to ditch the Easyshare software that came with the camera as it has limited organising and photo manipulation abilities (EXIF data/timestamps etc). Unfortunately I cannot get Adobe's Photoalbum software to see the camera when it is connected, forcing me to use Easyshare to do the transfer then firing up Photoalbum and adding the photos to the catalog from harddisk. The camera appears in WinXP's device manager and the Easyshare software has no problems transferring but I cannot get Photoalbum to even see the camera is connected.
      Has anyone used Photoalbum with the same model camera (or even any of the Kodak Easyshare camera family) successfully?
      To save some time, I have tried the following already - turning camera off & on again while connected, different USB ports, rebooting PC, different PC.