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    Sending and setting up photo shop 3.0 for another computer?

      I dont know if anyone could help me with this? My father has NO KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTERS! He has several photos that he needs organized and I also have several of his photos on my computer that I already have organized in photoshop starter edition 3.0.
      Is there a way to set up a link where all he has to do is press one button to download the photoshop 3.0 program and the to where I could send him what I already have organized for him?

      any help with this or ideas would be most wonderfully appreciated!!! Thank you so much
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          If I understand you correctly, you could try to put a short-cut to the
          program on his desktop. However, keep in mind this product was not really
          made for a network situation. Are these computers always on? Always
          networked together?

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            Thank you so much for replying!
            No these computers are not networked together at all. He lives in another state then me. Yes both of these computers are usually on. I know there is some way with windows to actually be able to get on his computer; however I also know it would involve him having to change some things and part of the problem is that he is sooo computer illiterate, that he cant even go to the adobe site to download the program! (I love him but AHHHH! ha ha)
            I was thinking that I might be able to log on to Adobe, with his email account, and register Photo shop then just send him a one button link to download? But I am not sure if #1 that would work and #2 If there was anyway to send the pictures I already have of his to him organized in photoshop
            (( I have yet to find any way to view photoshop photos in the organized and tagged way it shows with in the program - Like the calender view ???))
            So I don't know if this clears anything up and if you - Or anyone else reading this - could help me with this deli-ma any further?? I HOPE SO!!?? Thank you so much??!
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              Hi Samantha,

              Sorry for the delay. On its, PSA was not meant for this type of use. You
              will need a third party utility and even then, I could guarantee him being
              able to access the images on your PC.

              Really what you need is likely well beyone what you are prepared to do and
              that is have something like repository that you can both access... it's
              overkill for your needs..

              I know what you mean about parents... I love my dad but as you put it

              What about something like online albums that he could access when he wants
              to? I'm not very familiar with the different providers, but I know that they
              exist. Might also work.