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    APDPROXY - Automatic Startup

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      Ok so there's been lots of posts in regards to this issue, I personally responded to a question on how to kill the process, (or so I thought)

      Ken Mata, "Stop automatic startup??" #1, 10 Sep 2005 4:07 pm

      so after revisiting that post and finding out that indeed the registry key gets re-written again I thought I should use brute force.

      So here it is, just navigate to your Program Files | Adobe | Photoshop Album Starter Edition | 3.0 | Apps | and look for the infamous Apdproxy and then just rename it as Apdproxyold *note the old at the end of its name*

      Next time you start Photoshop Album the pesky critter will be gone. No need for crazy and perhaps risky and unsafe registry keys to delete and no messing with my previous "solution" that at the end didn't quite work. Personally I restarted the program several times and you don't get the annoying thing on your tray anymore and your program functionality still the same.

      Try it post your comments and hope this will be the end of Apdproxy.

      Good luck.
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          second response - from Carl RE: APDPROXY (RENAME as solution to AUTO startup of psa 3) --

          got through more of these 'forum' texts now finally to KEN MATA (10/3/05). SEEMS right and trying this out - thanks. Will NOT hear further UNLESS it does NOT work , ie, unless someone can tell me whether to stick with v. 3 or IF I would be better off running (just ?) v.2 ?? Please feel free to reply back if 'KNOW' facts or numbers on this (SECOND HALF) of my question from before :
          < dr-cga@hotmail.com >
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            TWIMC :

            THANK YOU KEN __Your Rx works just fine !

            Still wondering about 'second' question RE : BEST USE of version 2 - or 3 ?? ANYONE complied a comparative list ??
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              How do you go back to version 2? I couldn't find it on the Adobe site, and it was overridden on my computer when I installed 3. Dayle Marsh
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                Hello Dayle are you talking about uninstalling version 3 as a whole application?
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                  OK count me as another victim of APDproxy.exe. For months my PC has been running very slow when I first get onto the internet. Things would bog down so bad that I had to use cntl-alt-delete to regain control. During one of those episodes when the task manager window came up I clicked on processes and discovered that apdproxy.exe was using 98% of my CPU. I traced that program to Adobe and finally this site. This is a black eye for Adobe. Apparently the issue has been around for at least a few months and Adobe hasn't released a fix. It was mainly dumb luck that I found this site. How many other people out there are experiencing the same issue and don't have a clue as to the source of their problem? I think I will avoid Adobe products in the future.

                  Anyway I used the approach suggested by Ken Mata's Oct 3 post. So far it seems like that fixes it.
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                    Wow, this thread is two and a half years old and I have Photoshop Elements 6.0 not the starter version and I've been having trouble with apdproxy.exe crashing regularly in Vista. I'll try this fix and see if it works. In addition to apdproxy.exe, my error messages says it's a problem with ConnAPI.DLL which I now assume is part of Adobe Photoshop too.
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                      This is actually for photoshop Album SE not Elements. You might consider
                      posting in the technical section of the Photoshop Elements.