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      Photoshop Album Starter came on my Dell computer. I've successfully downloaded digital photos from my new digital camera, but I really don't know how to do simple things like:
      1. Choose one or more pictures to attach to an e-mail.
      2. Move pictures in my Adobe file to another file.

      Is there a basic tutorial available, or a manual?

      Thanks for the help,

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          There is online help ...

          Let's try to answer you 2 queries:

          1) Click on a picture to select it. To select more than one, use the standard Windows multi-select procedure: click, then SHIFT/click or click, then CTRL/click.

          2) There is no such thing as an "Adobe file". The pictures are stored in My Pictures somewhere [probably] and PSA SE just catalogs them. If you want to make another copy of an image file in another folder, just drag it there.