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    "Select Photos for Importing" -- Can't rid of photos

      Hello all,

      Had attachment on my email that I clicked on. Photo came up fine. However, I noticed that there were many other photos in the box called "Select Photos for Importing". I've really tried to get rid of those unwanted photos (from the internet originally) but there is no delete function for getting rid of them. There is a trash can down below but I can't seem to access it for the photos. I can import them to my album and delete them there but it doesn't carry over to the "Select Photos for Importing" box.

      I put a check in the small white box next to all the photos and hit "clear all" but then the checks would disappear but not the photos. Again, I put a check in the small white box and tried to access the trash can but that didn't work either. The trash box couldn't be accessed!

      FYI, I have Windows XP and the program I'm using is Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0. I have a Dell Inspiron with 512MB. Please help me! Thanks.