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    PDF Slideshows do not have progress/control bar on screen with 3.2

      With earlier PSA SE the PDF slideshow included an action/progress bar in the top right of screen which could be closed so not to obstruct the image. With PSA SE 3.2 this very useful bar is no longer there. Is there any way of getting it back? Or is there any way to be able to download a previous version of PSA SE which included it? Does anyone know which version definitely included it?

      I hope someone can help. Thanks.

      The action/progress bar was more functional than the Acrobat Reader 8 navigation panel which only has 3 buttons. It included the following:
      1st - white X will hide the progress bar from the full screen display (it will re-appear if the mouse cursor is moved)
      2nd - I< will go to the start of the slideshow
      3rd - < will go back one image
      4th - red II will pause the show and be replaced by green > which will resume the show
      5th - > will go immediately to next image (can be used to speed up the automatic slideshow, or, after pausing with 4th button, will show one image at a time)
      6th - >I will go immediately to the last image in the show and then will end
      7th - red X will immediately end the show
      Bar - blue thermometer bar at the bottom can be clicked anywhere to jump to a mid-point in the show