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      I can't figure out how to use AutoFix when I bring up photos from a file: specifically when I bring up a sub folder from "My Pictures". The pictures all come up, but no "Fix" is available.
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          I'm a bit confused. The process should involve:
          1. Click on the image you wish to fix;
          2. Click on Fix (from here a drop down menu appears);
          3. Click on Auto Smart Fix...

          That is it. Keep in mind that an edited image will replace the original in
          the window you are viewing but the original remains untouched.

          Is this not happening?

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            When I 1st open Adobe, some, but not all of the "My Pictures" sub-folders come up. I can "fix" the ones that do come up 1st OK as you suggested. And I can bring up the sub-folders that do not come up 1st, by clicking on "File", "Get Photos", "From Files & Folders". The missing sub-folders come up OK on the "Get Photos From Files and Folders" panel. However the "Fix" button is not on that panel.

            Perhaps, doing something to have all the "My Pictures" sub-folders come up when I 1st open up, would be a solution.
            Thank you for your reply.
            Joseph Holman
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              PSA doesn't "bring up" folders. It can catalog the pictures you have where ever they are on your hard drive. You need to "import" pictures into PSA using Get Photos [from files/folders].
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                Thank you! I finally got it.