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    unlock code

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      Everytime i put in the unlock code my photoshop closes. Can anyone help me figure this thing out. I have had this before and never had problems .
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          This is the third post in one day on this topic. We read everything here, so
          this is not necessary. :)

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            HELLLLLLLLLLLP please ... I down loaded all my new pictures to my computer - photoshop album starter edition 3.0 photo shop and deleted them off my camera . I need to retrieve them and forward them but can not log in to my Photoshop album starter edition 3.0
            NOW WHAT ???

            I have my unlock code and have entered my album many times ...but now I can not get back in ...
            I tried to register again but it will not let me the unlock code is grey'd out so I can not reenter it again ...
            How can I get my pictures ???

            WHERE DO YOU READ ANY SOLUTIONS TO problems and or QUESTIONS people send in ????

            Seems a lot of us have the same problems ...but no answers ???? Thank you for your early reply ... anyone... thank you God bless
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              Give a call to the Adobe Customer Support folks. If you are in North America
              you can use: 800-833-6687

              If not, you will need to call the CS in your home nation.

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                You are the BEST! Anyone having a unlock code problem should read this one. Thanks

                Toma Moon - 12:37am Jun 14, 07 PST (#31 of 48)


                I was looking around the other forums here and noticed THE ANSWER to our woes in this forum .... which is to download 3.2.

                I just did this and in the twinkling of an eye, I have my Adobe photo album back again. Amazing.

                If anyone else wants to try this, instead of banging their heads against the "unlock code" wall, this is the address: