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    3.2 Won't Launch

      I've downloaded 3.2 (and it said it was removing 3.0... ok...) but now, I can't get the program to launch. It hangs on the starter page screen (w/ the red album on it) and the bottom says "initializing model"...but never launches.

      I'm running it on XP... any ideas of how to get into it?
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          It's nearly the same in my case - upgrade from 3.0 to 3.2 running under XP with all updates (German version) - but without the initializing model message.

          The screen shows the top images but no button works, the program is frozen.

          Any help out there??
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            To both,

            Try simply uninstalling (but not deleting the catalogue) and reinstalling
            3.2. That should do the trick.

            ich werde mit eine deutsche Version dasselbe probieren. Ich habe nie die
            deutsche Version probiert, aber ich würde denken, dass sie das Gleiche soll.

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              marcus01 Level 1
              Dear Jim

              thank you for your answer but uninstalling was one of the first things I've tried, but I wasn't sure if I have also done a restart between installing and uninstalling - so I've done this a second time. Again the same effect, the fist images appear (including my tags) but everything is frozen.

              I've also checked the Catalog (Mein Katalog.ldb) according the recommendation some where in the knowledge base - it should be ok. I've also tried to remove it - the only thing which was different was a dialog to specify my picture directory, after a while (it has to parse a few thousend files) - again frozen.

              I'll try to reinstall the old version (if I can find a copy) and hope the best.

              best regards
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                Okay Markus,
                ich habe die 3.2 Version ohne Fehler wieder installiert.

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                  Hallo Markus,

                  Well, I now have the German version on my computer. Let me know how you get
                  along. We can "play" with it from there.

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                    Jim - I have again uninstalled 3.2, AND reinstalled twice, and now when I click on the icon, I get the hourglass for about 2 seconds and NOTHING happens. It did not do the trick.

                    Any other suggestions? How can I get to a version of 3.0 - that seemed to work fine.

                    thanks for any additional help!
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                      Well... I just googled 3.0 and found a couple of sites that it seems to be
                      available from, but obviously I would recommend that you scan it for viruses
                      before installing.

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                        I am having a problem with Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2.
                        Download it and it freezes. Have done a remove and redownload and all the same. When I try to check compatibility there is no XP and that ia what I have. HELP
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                          Hi Kathy,

                          Actually, it should be fine on XP. It might not work with Vista mind you. Do
                          you have all of your XP updates? I'm using XP SP 2

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                            marcus01 Level 1
                            Dear Jim

                            I found a solution for my problem: as long as I boot my computer without an active Internet connection (network cable disconnected) Adobe Photoshop Album 3.2 start with no problems - and anytime with Internet connection it hangs.

                            I really don't understand this but as long I can work with my photo collection it doesn't matter - and for the future I have to find something else.

                            Best regards
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                              Thanks Markus,

                              That is bizarre. It sounds like something else that has access to the
                              internet is using the same files as Adobe PSESE OR... something related to
                              your firewall is...

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                                marcus01 Level 1
                                Dear Jim

                                Off cause I've tried it also without my firewall - it would be interesting to know why Photoshop Album like to have an Internet connection.. searching for updates??

                                Bye bye
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                                  Hi Markus,

                                  You are correct. It is to search for updates.