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    attaching photos to email

      After I've selected the photos in adobe and clicked "file" , "attach" - My Yahoo wants me to browse files & attach files. A screen comes up when I click on adobe photoshop 3.2 with a lot of files...which one(s) is the one with my selected photos? Thank you.
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          I might be missing something here, so can you describe step by step what you
          are doing?

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            Hi, I cannot send pictures through email. I just got a message that says: The host 'comcast' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'comcast', Server: 'comcast', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 11001, Error Number: 0x800CCC0D. PLEASE HELP, HELP, HELP
            AH! I have stater edition 2.0
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              Here's what I'm doing, step by step: 1) select photos from adobe photoshop album, 2) click on "share", 3) click on attach to email, 4) click "OK" 5) adobe connects with my email account (Yahoo) 6) Yahoo asks me to attach files - "Browse" 7) I "Browse" and everything in my computer comes up as an option so I click on "Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition" (which is what I am using). I email this to myself...and when I get my mail it says I have received photos...but what i've received is an attachment to download photoshop...an exe file, no photos.
              Where are the photos? Where am I going wrong?
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                smriti mehra Adobe Employee
                Hi Charleen,

                Since you selected the Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition exe while browsing hence it was emailed. Once you are connected to the yahoo client, the pictures selected in Photoshop album should be shown there in yahoo client. Is this happening? You don't have to browse for the pics. Try changing your email client to Microsoft outlook/Outlook Express and observe what happens.The selected pictures are sent to these clients.

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                  I open my mail (with the "attachment" of Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition exe) I click on that link and I just get the adobe site - not MY album or photos.

                  After selecting the photos in Adobe and going through the steps to "share" and My Yahoo Mail comes up, there appears a list of the photos. Yahoo then prompts me to BROWSE. Because I don't know what file to attach...I'm attaching the Starter Edition exe. What is the file I should attach?

                  I also tried NOT browsing, but copied the list of photos and put them in an email. But the "list" (when rec'd in the email) did not take me to the photos.
                  Advice? Thank you.
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                    BobGager Adobe Employee
                    Initiating the sending of photos as attachments to an eMail is only
                    supported in Starter Edition for PC based eMail clients. (things like
                    Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express) Yahoo Mail is a web based solution, and
                    unfortionalty isn't supported.

                    Your best bet for using Starter Edition for sahring photos is to use the
                    Share Online functionlity (Share>Share Online...) This feature connects you
                    to Kodak EasyShare Gallery and provides a nicer experience than sharing via
                    eMail. You will need to create an account, but it's completely free.

                    If you don't want to use Kodak, and want to share via Yahoo Mail, you will
                    need to Browse, and then navigate around your hard disk and find your
                    photos. (They are probably soemwhere inside of MY Pictures) It's more of a
                    hassle than using Kodak, but it works.