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    Cannot find Photoshop Album in My Pictures

      I have been looking all over my C:drive for the Photoshop Album Starter and have located the program but still cannot access the pictures. The digital camera photos folder is empty, however when I open the actual program, the pictures appear. How can I remove the pictures from the Photoshop Album and put them back in My Pictures or on a CD?
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          BobGager Adobe Employee
          In Starter Edition, in the lower left hand corner, there is a pulldown menu.
          Select Folder Location from this menu, and Starter Edition will show you
          where your photos were when they were imported into Starter Edition. You can
          then use Window to go look there, and see if they are still there.
          If they are not, somehow they have been moved. Most likely by someone using
          the Windows file browser.

          Remember, Starter Edition doesn't keep your original image files. It only
          keeps a small thumbnail copy of them, and information about where the
          original full size image is located. If the original gets moved by some
          method not under Starter Editions control, Starter Edition still has the
          Thumbnail, but no longer knows where the original is.
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            Bob, I am the only one working with images on my computer, and I can attest that, in one afternoon, as I imported images from Windows to SE, the latter removed the originals from the former. I have no way of retrieving, using, or manipulating my own photos, now that SE seems to be holding them hostage. It "searches" for the missing file that was there in Windows but a few moments before. Now, I can not burn them to CD, copy or move them to any other hard drive location, or any other task that I should be able to do, for it seems that SE is monopolizing my creative choices, suggesting that I hurry up and register the product before time runs out - I am not impressed with it so far, so why would I want to register or download more components, just so that I can access what is rightfully mine?
            I would like to know how to retrieve all of my photos from SE (no, not all of the photos displayed in the SE collections are actually to be found in the locations it states they are in). How can I do this?

            Please help, I worked all afternoon on these collections because I need these images immediately for a business presentation.

            Thank you.
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              BobGager Adobe Employee
              Not sure what to advise at this point. Again, SE doesn't store the photos.
              It only remembers where it was told they are (were) and keeps a small
              thumbnail copy for itself. When you see your photos in SE, you are actually
              just seeing the thumbnail.

              Maybe understanding your import process might help.
              Can you describe the steps you use to import with as much detail as
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                smriti mehra Adobe Employee
                Hi Laura,

                You can also try this- Select the image in Starter Editor and alt + enter. A properties pane opens. Select the folder icon from that pane to open the explorer folder where these images are physically stored. Starter Edition just keeps the thumbnails and path information for these images. Once the folder is opened you can see where these images are stored.

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                  I am trying to recall what I did Bob. I only know that PASE loads as soon as I plug the memory card in, and presents my photos on my screen. I have selected that it save them in folders according to date. Finally came the day when I wanted to organize all the pic folders, so in one afternoon, I created a few "collections". the consequences of what I did were immediate, so there was no opportunity for something to have happened from some other source or user. I remember being hesitant when I first saw "import" as an option, but I chose to try it for getting images stored in My Pictures into my PASE collection - from where I selected import, I now can not say, as I can not even find "import" anywhere except when I load my memory card, and I DON'T want to load any more of my photos now until I figure out what's happened to my old ones.

                  The really odd thing is, some of the originals ARE still there in My Pics, yet many others are reported as "missing". I don't know what the criteria was for removing the originals.

                  Bottom line... PASE does have all the pics in one place. How can I get them all back? It won't let me burn to CD, and even at that, I'm not sure if anyone would be able to open the CD without fist installing the Adobe programs. Can any other program access the pics once they are burned? How can I burn them?

                  Thanks again for your help.
                  Diane V
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                    BobGager Adobe Employee
                    Let me know where PASE "thinks" your photos are.
                    Select a photo that is "missing" and then select View>Properties...
                    In the window that opens tell me what the filepath is from the very bottom
                    of the Properties window. It should be something like C:\Documents and

                    I don't know if it will help but more info is good.
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                      just wonderin if you can get yor piks bk that wr on adobe phot shop if your compuer has been reebooted, i had hundreds of photos of my baby and other thing on ther and my computer crashed n i had to get itall cleared, plz help
                      i have downloaded it again but no photos i was regesterd
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                        The images are actually stored in Photoshop, they are catalogued. If your
                        computer was reformated the best you can do is go to a third party recovery
                        company. They can often recover data. The reason for this is the computer
                        retains a sort residule image of what was there before.

                        In any case, these are not usually cheap, but let's face it... you can't the
                        baby to be reborn.

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                          I'm hoping someone here can explain to clueless me how to find PS4 photos using "My Pictures". I want to do this instead of having to always open PS. I don't understand how the two interface, other than that I can open My Pictures, click "Adobe" & click "Digital Camera Photos". But I can't see the categories I've created to organize my pix in PS -I can only see the folders I've created using "My Pictures". This is very confusing to me. How can I clean it up, so that I can go right to the categories in PS, without having to open PS? Or isn't this possible using "My Pictures"?
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                            Hi Robin,

                            Well... let me start by pointing you to the right forum. This is
                            actually for the Starter Edition. You have version 4 of Photoshop
                            Elements if I understand correctly. I would recommend, you post in the
                            Photoshop elements tips area :)

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                              Not sure if this will help, but I noticed that there are several "MyPictures" files. some come off of HP Administrator/MyDocuments, and some off Administrator/MyDocuments, etc. I was able to put them all into just one MyPictures folder, and didn't lose any, but it was confusing to see all those MP folders. Will this help Diane possibly find her photos?
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                                It can't hurt, but she will still need to confirm that they are actually
                                there and that could be quite a maze in the MP folder to go through