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    Adobe Photo Downloader - Different USB issue/conflict

      I concur with the many users who don't like the intrusiveness of APD. I had a separate issue with it, though: When APD is loaded, neither Windows Explorer nor My Computer will display a device plugged into a USB port; the drive letter just doesn't show up (I'm on a Dell with Windows XP Pro SP2). Oddly, the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon does show up in the lower right tray when a USB device is plugged in, but that doesn't do you any good when you have no way to access the files on the thumb drive or other device.

      Temporarily Disabling APD does not resolve that conflict; USB drive letters still don't show up. Exiting APD (right-click on the icon and choose Exit) does let the USB drive letters be displayed when a device is plugged in....but then anytime Adobe Photoshop Album SE is relaunched, it places APD back in the tray.

      I used the work-around suggested by one user to simply rename the "apdproxy.exe" app to something else. That seems to bypass the conflict. A card reader or thumb drive is still recognized if I choose to manually download photos from within APA SE...and that's fine with me!