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    Get rid of application

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      I made a serious error in starting this app and shifting my photos from my photos to this. I also imported a half dozen photos from my camera I need to save those photos as well. I have Photoshop Elements and like it, but

      It is inconceivable that you cannot save your photos in jpeg to another file on your computer. For me the program is simply worthless without that ability. Simple stuff. Import pictures from camera and save them wherever I choose. Where I choose not the software.

      Rant over. Can anyone help me undo what I have done?
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          BobGager Adobe Employee
          You actually haven't done anything bad.
          You're photos are actually on your Hard Drive already, and Starter Edition
          is just showing you an organized view of them.

          The easiest way to find out where they are is go to Folder View. Look for
          the pulldown in the lower left corner of SE when you are in Organize mode.
          It will show you excatly where your photos are stored.

          In Elements, you can then do an Import, browse to that location, and import
          the photos into Elements.
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            Do you have Photoshop Album SE or Photoshop Elements. Regardless, which
            version of Elements do you have.

            I'll be gone for a few days... so please be patient with the timing.

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              I am experiencing the same frustration as Gary above. Normally, when I "import" items from one location to another, it places a copy a copy of the original there, but SE actually captured the originals and seems to be holding them hostage. Anything I attempt to do with my photos now is met with messages stating that it can not find the file. On top of that, it prompts me to download and register more for a program whose current functions I am not impressed with. These are MY photos, and I should be able to move and manipulate them anywhere I like, not be at the mercy of a program that monopolizes my ability to do anything with them.

              Bob, I followed your advice to Gary, but even that would require that I invest money in Elements, just to get my pics back in my own hands. Adobe claims that my pics are stored in certain folders on my hard drive, but in truth, only some of them are there. For one specific collection I made in Adobe, there are over 72 images, and it seems to display these when I follow your steps above. But when I go directly to that hard drive location, only a select few are actually there. What's that about?

              How do I bypass this program altogether, while being able to retrieve all the images it is holding for ransom? I need these images immediately for a business presentation!

              Thank you for any and all help.

              Diane V
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                BobGager Adobe Employee
                Not sure what it's about.
                PASE is simply organizing the photos on your hard drive. It doesn't keep
                anything hostage.

                The way it works, is that when you initial import a photo, PASE makes a
                small thumbnail copy of it and stores that for it's own usage. It also
                remembers where the original was, in case it needs it later for something
                like editing or printing.
                It is a little confusing that the process of making the thumbnail and
                remembering the location is called "import" since it isn't actually
                "importing" your photo, only keeping track of where it is in Windows.

                PASE only messes with the original if you are importing it from a removable
                storage device. In that case, it makes a copy of the original on your hard
                drive, makes it's own thumbnail, and that's it. During the import, the
                default location that it puts the copy in is in My Pictures/Adobe/Digital
                Camera Pictures. You can change this location if you want during the import.

                So... if by using the Folder Location view to find out where PASE thinks the
                photo is, and then using Windows to navigate there, if the photo isn't
                there, then something moved it since it was first "imported" into PASE. I'd
                suggest poking around My Pictures a bit, especially in My
                Pictures/Adobe/Digital Camera Pictures to see if you can find the originals.

                Hope that helps a bit, and I hope you can find the origional images.
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                  Nope, they are not there. Even had someone else sit down and try to figure out where they might be. It was immediately after moving these photos ("import" in the program) that it could no longer find them when I wanted to call them up.
                  Okay, so they are trapped in PASE. What other way can I get them back? I tried to burn them to CD, but it wouldn't let me. Am I forced to register this product or purchase something further just to be able to gain access to them? Will I, in fact, be able to burn them to CD if I register this program? Will the CD images only be viewable to someone with PASE or other Adobe program, or will any program be able to read and use the images from a CD?
                  Thanks again for your help.

                  Diane V
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                    smriti mehra Adobe Employee
                    Hi Diane,

                    As mentioned by Bob PASE gives you a view of the photos. It does not capture or trap any and if they have not been deleted from your hard drive they should be there and PASE does not mess with them. We can help you better if you tell us how you imported the photos. Also in PASE you must be seeing the thumbnail of those photos along with the name. Search for those photos by their name in your Hard drive. Make sure to enable the 'View Hidden Folders' option. If the photos have not been deleted after you imported them ,you will be able to find them.Inorder to view and get these pictures you donot need any higher version of program as the pictures are physically located on your hard drive and PASE just keeps the links of those pictures.Hope this helps.

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                      You should be able to locate all the images by doing a Search for "*.jpg" (without the quotes). The search should show you the location of all your jpeg files. The you can browse to that location in "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer."