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    Accidentally moved a folder-help

      I am running Windows XP and use Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 to download & view my pictures from my camera's memory card. I was trying to put some pictures on a cd (using Windows Explorer) and accidentally moved a picture folder (I'll call it Beach) into another picture folder (I'll call it Sports). The "Beach" folder shows up in the "Sports" folder but properties show that the "Beach" folder is empty. When I go to view the photos in Adobe, I see the annoying red reconnect symbol in the "Beach" folder and I cannot view the photos at all. I have read the forums and see that others have had this problem but cannot seem to find a solution. I have tried right clicking a picture in the folder and selecting "reconnect". It then searches forever and comes up with another box that says "The source file(s) you've selected annot be found at the locations stored in the catalog. They may have been moved and/or renamed. Please reconnect these catalog items to their source files." I can't reconnect the files because the "Beach" folder is empty. I didn't delete anything, but the folder is still empty. I know this is lengthy but was hoping if I gave enough info that someone would be able to help... Any suggestions?
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          BobGager Adobe Employee
          Somehow, when you moved the Beach folder into the Sports folder, the images
          seem to have been deleted. (I'm assuming here that you've opened up the
          Beach folder and it's empty)
          I hate to say it, but you may be out of luck. There's nothing Starter
          Edition can do to help. It thinks the photos are in Beach, but they are not
          there. The image that you are seeing in Starter Edition is just a low
          resolution thumbnail copy that SE made when you first imported the photos.
          It does not actually manage or keep the real image file. That's Windows job.

          About the only thing to do at this point is use Window Search to search you
          entire hard drive for the photos. Pick one of them, get the filename, and
          search for it. If you find one, chances are the rest of them will be there.
          Good luck