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    Subcategories of Tags

      I'm a new user of Photoshop Album Start Edition 3.2.
      The User Guide says you can create your own categories and multiple levels of subcategories. I'd like to do this but find when I try to create a new sub-category I must specify which of the four provided categories it should be subordinate to. That's OK for the first level of subcategory but not for a second level. For example: Under "Places" I can create a subcategory of "Europe" but suppose I want to have "France" as a subcategory within that. How can I do this?
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          BobGager Adobe Employee
          Sorry, subcategories of subcategories is not supported in Starter Edition.
          You need to move up to Photoshop Elements to get that.

          The best you can do in SE is crate a new Category for Europe and put France
          in there as a Subcategory.

          Or, use Tags as the subcategory level inside a subcategory
          Cat=Places > Sub Cat= Europe > Tag= France

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            Level 1
            Thanks Bob. I thought it wouldn't be too long before an upgrade would become necessary, but I like your suggestion of making Europe a new Category - at least that provides one more level - and I'm also glad to know that I wasn't just being stupid in not being able to get SE to do what I wanted.

            Thanks again,