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    V 3.2 Print Quality

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      I have my printer set to 'draft' by default in the printer settings in XP. When I go to print in version 3.2 I change this to 'best' in the preferences, but the printed page comes out in draft quality? The only way I can get 3.2 to print in 'best' is to change it in the XP printer settings. Shouldn't version 3.2 change the settings in preferences?
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          There is an issue with version 3.2 and changing the printer settings from within the program. I am experiencing the same problem. I am printing from a HP 7310 All-In-One with the latest Vista drivers.

          The 7310 is set as my default printer in Vista and the default print quality is set to Draft. However, when I change to a higher print quality (e.g. Normal - 600 dpi) from within Adobe Photoshop Starter Ed. V 3.2, the printer defaults to the operating system's default settings (Draft). I found this out the hard way, after printing a batch of pictures and noticing that the quality was very poor. I ran through many tests (printing and reprinting) from within Adobe's software to try to solve the problem. I wasted a lot of ink and photopaper. I'm not sure if this issue is present in all copies of version 3.2, or if it's printer driver related, or operating system related.

          All I know is that the Auto Correction features within version 3.2 are excellent. But too bad I can't print from with the software. I resorted to fixing my photos using version 3.2 and printing the fixed ones using Microsoft Photo Gallery.
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            Thanks for the confirmation of the problem, I'm using XP with an HP printer, my brother is using XP with an Epson printer and we both have the same problem.

            Do you know how this can be fed back to Adobe?


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              My name is Joyce Parker--Customer Id#148202484. I recently signed up with IronMountain backup. Now my pictures are blurry, and when I try to print them I get the message they are missing.I have no idea what happened. All the pics I have taken for 2 yrs. are in this program, and I don't want to lose them. How can this be fixed????

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                Hi Joyce,

                When you say all your pictures are blurry, do you mean they come out blurry after you print them using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2. If they are, then I suspect it to be related to the issue mentioned in this tread. To get better quality prints, I would change your default printer settings to the picture quality you prefer before you open up the Adobe software to print. It's too bad that any has to go through these extra steps, but it's the only way to get the prefered resolution because changing these setting within the Adobe software doesn't seem to work (until they fix this flaw or bug) in the software.

                Regarding the message about missing photos, this might be related to the software losing track of which folder your pictures are in. This sometimes happens when you cut and paste pictures out of the original location and into another folder. If you imported the photos into Adobe Starter Edition from one location, then move them later, they have to be reconnected in the software. Within the software, go to File, Reconnect All Missing Files, if a Browse window pops up, search for the new location where your pictures are stored on your hard drive, and select that folder, then select that picture, click Open or OK. Once you connect one photo, the software is smart enough to connect all the other unlinked photos in that location.

                Hope this helps.
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                  Hi Rod,

                  Adobe has a bug report form at this address. Give it a try.


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                    Has there been any further update or recognition on Adobe's part?

                    From my investigations, there is something Album is doing to affect the image quality as the print data is handed from the application to the printer drivers. Printing the same image, to the same printer using the same printer settings, using Window's XP photo and fax previewer, the prints are crisp, clear and vibrant. Using Album, they are faded, and have a lot of image noise (dithering artifacts). It seems, without understanding how Adobe is handing off the print data, that when printing, the image information is in low resolution (screen resolution for example is often 96 dpi or lower) even if the digital photo is much much higher.
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                      Hi Erik,

                      I would do a search on the Photoshop Elements forums. I saw something
                      about this only about a week or so ago and I think that there was a
                      solution for it.

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                        Hi Jim,

                        Thanks for the reply. I did a search in the Elements forum and saw a few topics that were similar. But nothing that seems to match, and the few suggestions either didn't work or were not available in the Album Starter Addition.

                        If I stumble across a solution, I'll be sure to post that here for all to enjoy.
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                          Thanks Erik,

                          Sorry I couldn't do more. I don't usually use it to print... just to

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                            I don't print often either, looking mostly for the cataloging too. However, my wife will likely print now and again. So it would be easiest on all involved to have one solution, catalog and print.

                            I did, as a side note, install the trial for Elements. It does NOT have the printing problem as seen with PASE.

                            Another term for the noise in the photo I described would grain. Starter addition is showing grain that doesn't not appear when printing from other programs.
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                              Out of curiousity does it look that way if you look at it at 100% in the
                              "Fix Photo Window"?

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                                Good question. No grain in the Fix Photo Window.