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    Shared photos sent in message and as attachments

      I am using Adobe Photo shop Album Starter Edition 3.2.
      I share photos with friends and family from time to time.
      In the past I would mark photos to send and then they would be sent to a folder. I would then compose my e-mail and attach the photos to the message.
      Yesterday I marked the photos to send and it automatically came up with a blank e-mail message with the photos attached. So I filled in my message and sent it.
      The receivers said that they received my e-mail with the photos actually in the e-mail. Also there were attachments that could be opened but the strange thing was that when you clicked on the botton for next photo, you saw other strange items that had nothing to do with the photos.

      Is there a way that you can send photos and not have them in the e-mail and that that when you open the attachments they are just of that photo.

      Thank you,
      Sandy Cody