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    How to Backup and Move PSA "Catalog" to another computer

      I am a new user of PSA and have some questions ...

      I keep my picture files on an external drive and would like to move it to different computers while retaining all the album information that is on my primary computer.

      It looks like PSA 3.2 is the "full version", ie there is no other upgrade to the Album product. However it looks like Elements 5.0 is an upgrade...

      I read the Adobe instruction manual on-line and it does not appear to cover these topics.


      Here are my questions:

      1) How to Backup picture files to another drive or computer using PSA?

      2) How to reproduce the album files and structure on another computer?

      3) How to Find and backup the "Catagories" metadata file ? ...I understand the "tags" are embedded in the actual picture files so that's good.

      4) Is there more in-depth documentation on the Adobe website ?

      5) Do I need to get an instruction manual from Amazon.com ?

      6) ... is Elements 5.0 what I need to backup my files and move to other computers? I did not find this in the documentation...

      7) Is there a practical limit to the size of the picture database, or will it just slowly degrade performance or crash more often after a certain size ? I have about 60GB of photos and growing.

      Now my picture source files are in many folders and subfolders... and I understand I cannot move them or rename the folders in Windows XP... or PSA will lose them.

      It seems it might be a simple idea to move all the pictures (all 60GB) into a single folder, then let PSA re-find them. Then it would be simple for the program to re-link up to the photos on another computer.

      I am hesitant to try to have PSA "get" 60GB of files from a single folder in one operation... which would be required if all files were in a single folder.

      8) Is there a concern about having multiple files of the same name ? After 10,000 pictures, the camera rolls back to 0. Will this confuse PSA?

      Thanks for any suggestions