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    Wish list 1

      Text Object
      May be a intuitive way to use CSS to control all texts globally?

      Properties panel and Behavior
      Found it tedious to switch between these two most used interfaces when dealing with multiple and mess objects

      More HUDs for more useful functions
      i.e. when you select multiple objects, a hud with alignment tools and so on come up based on user selection....

      Can't wait to see more...

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          pyrografix Level 1
          Just checked out the Adobe MAX version of Flash Catalyst and I had the opportunity to talk to some of the engineers working on this project. It's looking great guys! But I realize you have a long way to go. Here are some things to think about as you build this...

          Target Audience...
          I know you are targeting interaction designers. But for many of the interaction designers I work with or know, this application is rather simple or limiting. I know you are cooking up a lot more though! :) I think, in general, it targets all designers who aspire to get into the web world. It also helps get their minds around designing for the web or for applications. I definitely could see our designers, who do not use Flash, using this application. When it comes out, I will be recommending that we purchase it for all of our designers and possibly even for our information architects. After all, the real bind up in this chasm between developers and designers is that there aren't enough interaction designers to go around. By bringing normal designers into the interaction designer role, you will help out the traditional and advanced interaction designers.

          Symbol Support...
          Instead of just creating components, MovieClips or Sprites could be rather useful. Especially when it comes to reducing the file size of your application. Sharing certain instances across the application is extremely useful, especially when you need to make fast updates, or reduce the file size.

          I realize your basic animation editor will allow you to tween between different states of the designer's application. But what if you want to tween other objects? Like a bird flying across the screen or something? Most likely a designer will have drawn that bird in illustrator or photoshop. What if they could specify that bird as a MovieClip, then double click to edit it's animation in Flash. Saving it, after you were finished in Flash, would then update it's timeline in Flash Catalyst. You could even choose to Onion Skin the new MovieClip for physical placement in your application!

          Text Field...
          I like the fact that your TextInput field automatically finds the text field in your selection as you convert it to a TextInput component. However, you should consider creating a way to hide passwords! I would also like to see symbol support for use in hiding the characters. This would allow the designer to select a custom icon for the password character from the library. Scroll bar support, text columns, path fitting and image wrapping are also an integral part of designing a layout... not sure what your ideas are around this. Also, simple, canned - yet adjustable text effects could be extremely useful, taking some of the load off developers and advanced interaction designers. Also, what about dynamic text? Visually connecting these to a generic value or a node from XML could be very useful. It would also save the developers from setting up the XML loading and parsing. You could even connect it somehow to Adobe Contribute, that way, the dynamic text is linked to a CMS and the designer only has to worry about the layout... not the content.

          One thing that is lacking in many Flash applications and websites is sound. It often ends up being a last minute add on. It would be nice to add ways of tweening sound volume, transitioning and triggering sounds or songs when the user interacts with the designer's application. It would also be nice to have a skinnable component that can adjust global sound volume, muting, and other common sound tasks. Basically, everything it would take to create a simple MP3 player. Also it may be nice to expose the SoundChannel.leftPeak and SoundChannel.rightPeak to the designer. You don't have to call it that, but basically allow them to use the value to animate a little sound Visualization. I would separate the sounds into two categories... Interface sounds, and Global sounds. Global sounds are sounds, like background music. Interface sounds are click sounds and other UI sounds. Being able to control them separately would be huge for a designer.

          I am sure you will be adding your FLV playback component. I just want to make sure it's easy to skin through Flash Catalyst too.

          I am assuming you will be adding all the traditional components for skinning and compositing in Flash Catalyst. But what if a developer or advanced interaction designer wants to share their own components? It would be nice if you could skin it and adjust the exposed parameters inside Flash Catalyst. Also, it might be nice to download new components distributed from Adobe Exchange.

          Lets say you designed something with drop shadows or blurs in Photoshop or Illustrator. Now, I know that those filters probably won't play very nice with the Flash filters set, but it would be nice if it could at least approximate the filters for use in Flash. I think that would also help to ensure that the file size doesn't start to bloom. Because you are not using bitmaps for all those effects.

          Multiple Artboards from Illustrator...
          Not sure how you will handle the new multiple artboards feature in Illustrator CS4. But it would be extremely useful if you could import them as states of your application. EXTREMELY USEFUL. Also, if you have different sized artboards, it could interpret them as different sized application windows, or maybe even popup windows.

          Flash Advertising Support...
          I know this is geared towards Flex, but what if you wanted your designer to crank out simple banner ads? Flex simply won't do for banner ads, unfortunately, because there are some severe file size restrictions and even SWF version restrictions to worry about. Typically banner ads need to be around 30K, and many ad buys will still force you to use Flash 6 or 7! It requires you to get very creative with vector and rely on some rather intense Actionscript to get your file down to that size. It also requires you to load subfiles upon user request, to mitigate how much is being loaded at any given time. (This is where the Advanced Interaction Designers want to offload onto designers!) Worse, I've seen the actual spec sheets from some sites... some are dated October 2006! (Just last month I saw that!) Their outdated specs actually hinder the users experience because agencies have to rely on more processor intensive procedures to get past file size limitations. Not just hindering the site, but I think hindering the perception of Flash in general. I think probably the best thing Adobe can do, is educate popular sites and media buyers on this topic. It will only help propagate the new Flash players!

          Please contact me if you have any questions about these feature requests. I just want to ensure this product goes off without a hitch! I will be relying on my designers to embrace this technology and I want it to be an inspiring experience right from the get-go. I will do anything to help you ensure this product takes off. Just let me know. Thanks!
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            pyrografix Level 1
            Sorry, I forgot to give you my contact info... egeno@resource.com.
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              As a Director developer, one of the most useful aspects of that environment has been the extensibility offered by Xtras. They have saved me days of coding on many projects and have made it easy to incorporate complex functions (like connecting to databases; viewing/creating and manipulating PDFs etc) to applications.

              This is in contrast to Flash where, although there are extensions, I have not found them "easy" to incorporate into my apps.

              As Catalyst develops, I hope Adobe learn from the success of Director's Xtras & build an extension architecture for Catalyst which mirrors Director's ease of use.
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                Will Catalyst be also available as an Eclipse plugin?